Lying: Another Tragedy for Abortion

At this point, we have no idea whether the series of videos created by the Center for Medical Progress depicting horrific crimes against humanity will take hold of the American public and effect real, positive, meaningful change in the area of respecting the dignity of the human person.

The videos are gruesome. I haven’t seen them all. I have to build up the courage to watch. I’m at least three behind. The people in the videos have sold their souls. They are in the grip of the Evil One. What occurs in these houses of death is nothing less than Diabolical.

And yet, what could topple the whole effort and send the Pro-Life movement back a full generation is the very thing that generated such damning evidence in the first place: LYING.

Lying. Lying is the thing that, from a legal (and arguably moral) standpoint, renders evidence the fruit of the poisonous tree. A witness who testifies in court swears an oath, frequently with his hand upon a Bible. A witness who can be proven to have lied while under oath, is guilty of a felonious crime — perjury. A person who lies violates the Eighth Commandment of God, and (assuming the lie concerns grave matter)  also commits a mortal sin, which entirely ruptures his communion with God.

In other words, lying is a BIG DEAL, such that a failure in honesty is a failure in Christian virtue. We are obliged not to lie. There are a number of good earnest discussions concerning the nuances and approaches to the Catholic framework regarding honesty, but using consequentialism (roughly, the ends justify the means) to justify lying is not a convincing justification for it. We cannot rationally claim that intending to stop one moral evil justifies the commission of another moral evil, because that is simply not Catholic teaching.

There is no greater consequence to lying than the damage it causes in connection with our communion with God, and susceptibility to evil, but lying also frequently carries the burden of serious “real world” effects, and this is where it becomes tragic for the fight against abortion.

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 5.54.06 PMRecently Congress sent a letter to Planned Parenthood. It requested information concerning Planned Parenthood’s activities with respect to the sale of fetal tissue. Today Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards signed Planned Parenthood’s Response, which devotes four of ten of the substantive pages of the letter to detailing the activities of David Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress.

I’m not going to assume that any of Planned Parenthood’s claims about Mr. Daleiden or CMP have merit, which I do assume are distorted like the rest of the letter. But based upon what we know (from far more reliable sources than Planned Parenthood), the video footage obtained by the Center for Medical Progress was obtained by lying, which makes the moral high ground a fairly amorphous place. Because of lying, Planned Parenthood (with as straight a face as it can must) now asks Congress for sympathy, because it has been made a victim:

I respectfully ask that you put yourselves in our place. Imagine if a group of individuals tried for several years to secretly film your offices, obtaining fraudulent identification to gain access to restricted areas, creating a fictitious company to deceive your staff, and misleading the IRS in an application for nonprofit status. Imagine if they released selectively edited videos of excerpted and manipulated conversations involving your staff aimed at creating the worst impression possible. And imagine if they edited the videos so context was lost, exculpatory statements were omitted, and statements were stitched together out of sequence to create a fraudulent impression.

That’s exactly what has happened to Planned Parenthood. And in our case, four congressional committees have launched investigations into our conduct – and none are investigating the person behind this fraud.

This is a problem. Every time we share these videos or tell our friends and family about them, we tacitly excuse the fact that deceit produced them. And I’m not sure I can do that.


In Case You’ve Been Hiding Under a Rock…..

Planned Parenthood must be reeling over the “investigative videos” from the Center for Medical Progress that show two of their abortionist admins engaged in the trade of human body parts. If you could stream closed-circuit video from the security cameras of Hell itself,  you’d likely find a lot of stuff less depraved that this.

But for the record, by posting this I do not condone or accept the dishonesty involved in procuring this footage. Lying has consequences, even when it is employed to achieve certain laudable ends. Only time will tell the consequences here, but you can bet that Planned Parenthood won’t let it be forgotten; in fact, it’s the only defense they have. A fruit of the poisonous tree.

Regarding truth-telling, the Eighth Commandments forbids “bearing false witness”. Speaking affirmatively, we as Catholics are called to bear witness to the Truth, and the Church teaches that “In Jesus Christ, the whole of God’s truth has been made manifest. ‘Full of grace and truth,’ he came as the ‘light of the world,’ he is the Truth.” (CCC 2466).

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 2.02.24 PM

Another Lawsuit Filed against Planned Parenthood

It’s a warm and fuzzy “abortion saved my life” story that will soon appear in promotional advertising for the abortuary nationwide — except it’s not and it won’t.

Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood (in Colorado) is alleged to have performed an abortion on a 13-year-old girl who was molested and raped by her step-father. The step-father allegedly took her to Planned Parenthood; he allegedly filled out all the paperwork for the girl; allegedly, no one at Planned Parenthood asked any questions about how a 13-year-old girl got pregnant, and who the guy with a different last name was and what he was doing at Planned Parenthood with the girl. After the abortion, step-father and girl allegedly returned home, where the abuse continued for a period of months. 

Pray for Your Children’s Spouses

On there is an article about Ex-Planned Parenthood Director Abby Johnson, who says that every abortion performed by Planned Parenthood would earn $313.29, and that she was directed from on high to double the abortions performed at the facility where she was director.

Planned Parenthood’s public face is akin to Big Tobacco’s: we know our products kill, we like to pretend we don’t want you to buy, but we’re selling the hell out of what’s on offer. It’s been a long time since Big Tobacco had the type of government support that Planned Parenthood enjoys in this day and age. Wrapped up in Planned Parenthood’s messaging is rabid attempt to legitimize. Since Roe v. Wade, legality has replaced morality. 

This made me think about an interesting conversation with the two older boys last Sunday. We began talking about growing in virtue and enduring the teenage years. For one of them, this time is just around the corner. We are called to chastity whenever we live outside the married state, and no time of life can be more difficult for remaining chaste than when we are young and experiencing these feelings for the first time. Urges for young people are new, and strong.

Then we started talking a bit about how chastity is designed to make us aware that sex has consequences, that the natural result of sexual activity is pregnancy, but that our culture has decided to elevate sex as a good into itself, a “good” which would only be possible because of artificial contraception. We can’t pretend to oppose abortion or same-sex marriage or divorce without acknowledging that artificial contraception has more to do with these things than nearly anything else.

Then came this question for me: “What if your wife doesn’t tell you the truth, and uses contraception or gets an abortion? Would having sex be a sin?”

I paused. Wow.

What impressed me about this question was that these boys are already seeing themselves not as male sexual actors but as potential fathers with a role in the lives of their future children. They are already inclined to express care and concern, and exhibit a willingness to act in protection of the life in their care.

But they worry that a future spouse may not see things the same way. In my mind, such a worry is well-founded, considering the state of catechesis among Catholics, not to mention the general sexual ethic throughout the West.

So we talked at some length about how since marriage is a permanent and lifelong commitment, we must take the time to get to know a future wife or husband. It is important to have these discussions before leaping into bed, before marriage. It is important to know that you can trust your spouse with your children. 

As a parent, I’m grateful to have the opportunity to have these discussions. It’s part of the beauty of getting to be here with them all the time, and getting to teach them in homeschool. Where would they go, who would they talk to, if not us?

But what of their future spouses? Will they come to marriage having received the same upbringing and understanding about life, marriage, and sex?

Because of these questions, every parent should pray for the future spouses of their children. Pray fervently — not just that each child receives a spouse (who wants one) — but that God supplies the grace to both future spouses in each marriage so that they can jointly answer his call to marriage. 

Dear Google, I think our relationship is OVER

When I enter a search string, I’m looking for the most relevant results, and I’m not interested in being the mark in a shill for Big Death Corp.

Following recent reports concerning the fact that NARAL convinced Google to remove ads for real Crisis Pregnancy Centers in its search engine, today at, the good people there asked the question, “What if I google ‘Crisis Pregnancy Center’?” This is what they found:

GoogleSearchCPCsPlannedParenthood-04292014-624px-624x404As an experiment, I tried it myself. Apparently Google sorts results based upon your location and other factors, so not everyone gets the same response. Here’s what was returned for me (check out the second “most relevant” result, after a Wikipedia entry explaining what CPCs are):

CPCScreenShotOrwell mistakenly assumed that the Ministry of Truth would function entirely as a uniform entity of a one-armed government. Perhaps, one day, that is where we will wind up. But for right now, the secular culture propaganda machine is a coalition of “private” and “public” interests, which are becoming evermore similar to one another, so that rather than one arm controlling the levers, there is a multi-tentacled octopus of coordinated movement, that frightens, confuses and distracts all at once.

Remember, Google and Planned Parenthood operate under the guise of being private entities. Advertisers pay for placement on Google.

The protections guaranteed to us by the United States Constitution apply primarily to what the government may or may not do. The right to free speech on Facebook (or a private shopping mall) doesn’t really exist in the same way that it does if I stand outside Faneuil Hall in Boston.

The owner of a business does not have an obligation to provide me a forum, and Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all the rest are the fora of the Technology Age. They can silence anything or anyone with a click of the mouse. A private operator of a social media network doesn’t even have to tell me that I’m being censored. We hear a lot about this or that totalitarian regime “shutting down” a social media site, yet no one concerns themselves with internal censorship at these sites. It could be happening right now. How do we even know, for example, whether stories truly “go viral” or not? 

And, just in case you’re wondering, the United States Supreme Court already determined long ago that as a private citizen, I have no right to avoid having my tax dollars being used to fund activities that I deem to be morally objectionable. I cannot, for example, issue a FOIA request to Planned Parenthood, though it receives millions from taxpayers. There is no way (that I can think of) to determine whether what Planned Parenthood receives from taxpayers is used to pay for “advertising” misleading information about CPCs on Google’s sites. That could be happening too, yet we would never know.

Maybe someone can let me know if there are viable alternatives to Google. Maybe as my ceremonial final search, I’ll search “Alternatives to Google”.

On Dante, Margaret Sanger, and Naming Names

I surely saw, and it still seems I see,
a trunk without a head that walked just like
the others in that melancholy herd;
it carried by the hair its severed head,
which swayed within its hand just like a lantern;
and that head looked at us and said: “Ah me!”
Out of itself it made itself a lamp,
and they were two in one and one in two;
how that can be, He knows who so decrees.
When it was just below the bridge, it lifted
its arm together with its head, so that
its words might be more near us, words that said:
“Now you can see atrocious punishment,
you who, still breathing, go to view the dead:
see if there’s any pain as great as this.
And so that you may carry news of me,
know that I am Bertran de Born, the one
who gave bad counsel to the fledgling king.
I made the son and father enemies:
Achitophel with his malicious urgings
did not do worse with Absalom and David.
Because I severed those so joined, I carry —
alas — my brain dissevered from its source,
which is within my trunk. And thus, in me
one sees the law of counter-penalty.”

– Dante, Inferno, canto XXVIII (118-142)

Dantes_Inferno_Canto_28_Dante named names. He knew that King Henry II believed that Bertran de Born fomented a rebellion led by Henry the Young King, and so Dante placed de Born in the eighth circle of Hell, because he was a sower of schism, and thus in Dante’s version of Eternity he was separated from his own head and forced to carry it around like a lantern.

Our perception of justice is limited to what is possible here on earth. Dante understood this; in the Inferno, Dante’s vision of justice extended beyond the temporal, and reminded readers — particularly the elites of his time — that justice awaited those who escaped it in life. Today, we are inoculated by systems that dispense justice for the strong while never quite pouring out in equal measure for the weak. As belief in God dissipates within secular society, despair over perceived injustices will increase.

Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger was 1. a racist; 2. a eugenist; and 3. a Nazi sympathizer. Her vision of a well-ordered society provided the means to do away with undesirable populations — the poor, the disabled, various ethnic groups (primarily, in her time, black people). She agreed with the notion of justice for the strong, and little protection for the others. She didn’t mind the idea of a system based upon utter lies so long as it achieved her diabolical aims.

In the ninth pouch of Dante’s eighth circle, justice in life is no match for “…unerring Justice, the minister of the High Lord, [who] punishes the falsifiers she had registered.” (Canto XXIX, 54-57).

Now we find out that Sanger was also a supporter of euthanasia (no surprise; after all, euthanasia is just another natural and reasonable consequence of items 1 through 3), which to her mind would have fit into the same “justice only for the strong” mentality that is so opposed to God’s own Love.

It says a lot about the Planned Parenthood of today that it continues to honor Margaret Sanger’s legacy. Planned Parenthood does not distance itself from Ms. Sanger’s positions because it agrees with them.

In fact, in many ways, Planned Parenthood expressly perpetuates Sanger’s vision, by — for example — locating the majority of its abortion death houses in the poorer neighborhoods populated by minorities. 92% of pregnant women who go to Planned Parenthood get an abortion. More than half of all black babies in New York are aborted. More than half of all pregnancies in San Francisco end in abortion. These things are crimes against true Justice.

Regarding schism, there is a “Catholic” politician who recently accepted an award conferred by Planned Parenthood in honor of Margaret Sanger. In her acceptance speech, she called her fellow Catholics “dumb”, but she didn’t mean all Catholics, just the ones who actually defend and support the Church’s moral teachings, and not the ones who call themselves “Catholic” but actually promote the teachings of Big Death Corp. and secretly worship at the altar of Moloch.

Perhaps Ms. “Catholic” politician isn’t dumb, but if she were, at least she’d have that going for her when she is called to account by our Lord. As it is, neither her wits nor her money nor her influential friends nor her power nor her position of privilege nor her rosary blessed by the pope will hold sway on Judgment Day.

The Inferno is just one man’s — albeit creative — vision of Hell. Dante’s judgment and placement of various individuals did not have the effect of actually condemning them. The names that appear on the pages of his work do not constitute a roster of souls in damnation. But there is a greater spiritual truth embedded in Inferno: God’s justice is a reality. If Dante can be blamed for anything in his treatment of the subject, it is that we must not condemn, but rather pray for God’s mercy.

God loves Ms. “Catholic” politician (and others like her). If we are truly His disciples, so must we, which means that we must pray for their conversion of heart, rather than succumb to the temptation to re-write Inferno with a contemporary cast of characters. Thanks to Dante, we already have all the warning we need.

Fixing the Great Society one Baby at a Time

I guess one giant mouth to feed is better than a whole lot of little ones — especially if the mouth is Moloch’s.

Rhetorical claims regarding “welfare moms” who “have more babies” so they can “collect more welfare” are nothing compared to corporate welfare recipient Planned Parenthood. Rather than proposing a principled approach to reducing poverty that does not also violate human dignity, this week President Obama sent his proposed budget to Congress, which includes over $286 million in taxpayer funding to Planned Parenthood, in addition to the $170 million that the corporation of death made performing abortions in the last reported year (a good portion of which also came from poor people on some form of government assistance).

It’s a perverse twist on the conventional welfare model; rather than “more babies = more welfare”, it’s “kill babies = more welfare”. 

Being an Unborn African-American in NYC…

means that there’s more than a 50% chance that you will be aborted than born alive. Although the good news is that the abortion rate is down overall, “In 2012, there were more black babies killed by abortion (31,328) in New York City than were born there (24,758), and the black children killed comprised 42.4% of the total number of abortions in the Big Apple, according to a report by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.”

This is exactly what Planned Parenthood founder/eugenist Margaret Sanger intended: take your money, kill your baby, and applaud themselves for reducing the number of you in the world.