The Government Reads EVERY E-Mail…

…or at least has the capacity to do so. Here’s proof: the e-mail service Lavabit just shut itself down today. I happened to look into this service a couple weeks ago after receiving an e-mail from a friend informing me of his new Lavabit account. I wanted to know about how Lavabit differed from Yahoo, MSN, gmail, iCloud, and the rest.

To get the same features with Lavabit that you could get for free elsewhere, customers were paying for something other than account size. As far as I can tell, all that Lavabit was offering to its 350,000 plus customers was that it would not allow the government access to its servers for the purpose of reading its customers’ e-mail.

What’s scary: “I am unaware of any situation in which a service provider chose to shut down rather than comply with a court order they felt violated the Constitution,” said an electronic privacy lawyer quoted in the article. In other words, EVERYONE ALREADY COMPLIES.

What’s more scary: “government-imposed restrictions prevented” the Lavasoft founder from explaining why he felt he had to shut down. In other words, the FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS OF A PRIVATE CITIZEN are being violated.

Terrorism is just the smoke and mirrors. This information is already being used for other things. It’s all fruit of the poisonous tree, but even that is unimportant now when we pay for the poisonous fruit and keep it in our pocket.