Marriage & Family; Pro-Life

From the Best of Quartermaster of the Barque:

Report on WC WFL 2014: the Culture of Death Begins to Crumble

West Coast Walk for Life 2014!

I am the Father of Five Children…

For Anyone who objects to Nursing Mothers in Church…

It’s Possible Pope Francis agrees: Children Don’t Belong in Cry Rooms, and Neither do You

Same-sex Marriage and the Redefinition of the Greek: Malakoi and Arsenokoitai

Feast Day for St. Lucy: the Baby’s Name Day

RCIA and Prior Marriages: Waiting for the Sacraments

Children don’t Belong in a Cry Room and Neither do You

Catholic Parents and the “Primordial and Inalienable” Right and Duty

WANTED: Faithful Catholic Godparents, and Six Ways to Deal with Unfaithful Ones

Concerning Claims that Jesus was Silent Regarding Same-Sex Marriage20130816-104207.jpg

Trading in Futures and Commodities

Huzzah for Kenyan Card. Njue

I hope my wife is joking around

Regarding the SCOTUS Decisions on Gay Marriage


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