Faith & Prayer

From the Best of Quartermaster of the Barque:

The Tears of Pope Paul VI and the Third Session of Vatican II

Post Hoc: Is Epiphany a Holy Day of Obligation?

Happy New Year! “Easy” Jan. 1 Plenary Indulgence

“Easy” Dec. 31 Plenary Indulgence

Born that Way(TM): The Tired Refrain of the Evil One

I Prayed and God said “No” but He made the “Yes” Possible

Reflection on the Incarnation and the Ark of the New Covenant

The Souls in Purgatory Cannot Pray Themselves to Heaven

The Origins of Mandatory Private Confession in the Catholic Church

Today I Received a Letter from the Holy Father’s Personal Secretary!

St. Justin Martyr on Continuity, The Real Presence, and Liturgy

More About that Pope Francis Interview: He didn’t say Anything New

The Pope will Bless the Baby: About the Time I Almost Caused a Security Incident at St. Peter’s Basilica20130711-005858.jpg

The Barque of St. Peter: Safety for the Christian

WANTED: Faithful Catholic Godparents, and Six Ways to Deal with Unfaithful Ones

I don’t love you…

On RCIA and Confession

The Blessing of the Ordinary Common Miracle

When We Seek Chaos to Find Meaning

At the Intersection of Seventh Commandment and Avarice


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