The Church in Chains


This never was about effective policies, background checks or workshops on protecting the vulnerable. This never was about the Church’s moral teachings (except as a means to undermine them). This never was about the holiness of 98% of the faithful.

Rather, this was always about personal complicity with evil. This was always about select individuals with homosexual (or otherwise disordered) tendencies who found in the Church a safe haven within which to operate as predators. This was always about planting rot from the core, and letting it seep throughout the Body.

Our Lady isn’t just the Untier of Knots. She, with the Holy Spirit, is the Breaker of Chains. Just as St. Peter and St. Paul were miraculously freed from their literal chains, so too can the Church be liberated from this suffering.

It begins by letting the bishops of Lilliput be pruned to the ground like the thorn bushes and thistles that they are. This is the work of our true Apostles, which must be supported by the whole of the faithful.


Outcomes for Children Raised in Same-Sex Households

In short, this is an area for further study, but current findings suggest that claims regarding positive outcomes for children raised in same-sex households are misstated, overstated, or generally, not on par with outcomes for children raised in conventional families.

Children have a right to a father and a mother. When we intentionally deprive a person of his or her natural rights, this deprivation constitutes an inherent disruption in the person’s life. We can take steps to ameliorate, mitigate or minimize the damage, but there is no complete “fix” to supplanting a mother or a father, even with two, three, four, or five loving “parents”.

Intentionally depriving a child of a mother and father is selfish and evil. Misleading about the potential harm of such an act compounds and amplifies the selfishness and evil, because it beckons society further astray to satisfy one’s own desires.

Children aren’t chattel. No one has a right to a child.

Persecution and Consequences for a California Professor…..

Because he had the temerity to state his views and — as someone who was raised by a female same-sex couple — share his personal experiences on outcomes for children of same-sex households.

There is no tolerance. You must approve. By not complying, you deserve what you get.