Sacramental Confession, like the Eucharist and Holy Orders, does not exist outside the One True Church…..

Church of England Warns Members It Will Report Their Sex Abuse Confessions to Police

The intention, he added, is “to advise the penitent not to divulge in confession something which would legally compromise the position of the priest.”
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In Case You’ve Been Hiding Under a Rock…..

Planned Parenthood must be reeling over the “investigative videos” from the Center for Medical Progress that show two of their abortionist admins engaged in the trade of human body parts. If you could stream closed-circuit video from the security cameras of Hell itself,  you’d likely find a lot of stuff less depraved that this.

But for the record, by posting this I do not condone or accept the dishonesty involved in procuring this footage. Lying has consequences, even when it is employed to achieve certain laudable ends. Only time will tell the consequences here, but you can bet that Planned Parenthood won’t let it be forgotten; in fact, it’s the only defense they have. A fruit of the poisonous tree.

Regarding truth-telling, the Eighth Commandments forbids “bearing false witness”. Speaking affirmatively, we as Catholics are called to bear witness to the Truth, and the Church teaches that “In Jesus Christ, the whole of God’s truth has been made manifest. ‘Full of grace and truth,’ he came as the ‘light of the world,’ he is the Truth.” (CCC 2466).

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Dear ACLU: Go pound sand!

The “American Civil Liberties Union” holds itself out as an organization that “For almost 100 years….. has worked to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed by the Constitution and laws of the United States.”

The First Amendment to our U.S. Constitution states that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

The First Amendment is First for a reason: the Founders believed that the protections granted by this Amendment were fundamental, primary, and most capable of being abridged. The fact that a majority of Americans no longer care about this right as much as “security”, “safety” or “privacy” does not mean that the First Amendment goes away. In fact, it continues to protect all Americans, and thank God for that.

But rather than do what it says it was founded to do (to wit, preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed by the Constitution…), the ACLU is now suing the federal government to obtain documents regarding the American Catholic Bishop’s refusal to provide contraceptive and abortion services to refugee immigrants who cross the border in to this country.

You scorekeepers will note that while religious liberty is the first specifically enumerated right that was explicitly established by the Bill of Rights, in contrast abortion and contraception are not to be found anywhere in said document. Rather, the notion of these things being “rights” is a legal fiction derived from a manufactured “privacy” right under the 14th Amendment, which prevents the state from interfering with “choice”.

The fact that the ACLU would prioritize a manufactured “right” in favor of an explicitly enumerated one is more proof that we live in the Age of Euphemism.

The Age of Euphemism: Claiming Religious Liberty as Latest Victim

Apparently Indiana broke the Interwebs by passing legislation which some are calling an “anti-gay law”. Opponents of the law have taken to Twitter, social media, and banner carried by blimp to declare that anyone who cares about religious liberty is, in fact, a “bigot” and “hater” who has no right drawing oxygen or consuming resources on our planet.

Apparently bigots are not worthy of toleration, but to the extent that bigotry is synonymous with Catholicism, we’ve known that for a while.

Individuals like the reigning CEO of Apple have lambasted the Indiana law, while various politicians and moguls have indicated that they (and the mammon they control) will “boycott” the state for having the temerity to pass a law that mirrors federal legislation and the laws of at least 17 other states.

Nevermind that Apple continues to do business with countries that will execute outed gay people (Nigeria, Uganda, Qatar, Saudi Arabia). No mention of those nations on Mr. Cook’s Twitter feed. So there’s a strong dose of political theater as an admixture to this whole thing, and it’s creating noxious odors.

Lest you think my position can be reduced to talking points, and before you object to my characterization that the Indiana law “mirrors” the federal and other states’ legislation, let me clarify that the big distinction claimed by opponents of the Indiana law is that the Indiana law provides a defense (not an automatic protection from prosecution) to instances where the government is not a party in the claimed violation of religious liberty.

That means that where, for example, the state is not involved in forcing a Christian florist to make floral arrangements for a gay wedding, the Indiana law would provide the business-owner with a defense against private civil liability for any “discrimination” claims brought by the aggrieved “victim”.

However, this argument entirely ignores the fact that the federal law does the very same thing as the Indiana law (provide a defense against private actions) in a number of federal appellate circuits where the issue has been decided by the federal appellate courts. The U.S. Supreme Court has yet to address the split in the appellate circuits on this issue, but it is simply untrue to say that the Indiana law does something novel that is unlike legislation elsewhere.

The more primary issue is that religious liberty (and conscience protections) are no longer closely held rights considered sacred by a majority of American voters, even though religious liberty is enshrined as one of our fundamental constitutional protections. Religious liberty is simply no longer relevant in today’s society.

Far more important — and relevant — to the average American “voter” (now “consumer”) is whether every claimed “public accommodation” must cater to every conceivable type of deviancy. One must not be made to feel embarrassed or ashamed when one tries to check into the Hilton Garden Inn with a bevy of goats for an evening that even satyrs would envy.

Because being precluded from spending money where I wish is the most gross and egregious violation of commercial liberty, and we all know that in today’s Western culture, commercial liberty trumps every other form of liberty, including free speech and religious liberty.

The only barrier to entry for commercial libertines is whether one has money or not. Having money means you play by the All-Important Rule Above All Other Rules: you cannot tell anyone else what to do with their money. Because that’s de facto bigotry.

Have a same-sex partner and want to manufacture a baby in a test tube implanted in the womb of your partner’s mother? If you can write the check it’s not a problem. Suffering from one of the “socially-conscious” diseases and need life-saving experimental treatment derived from stem cells lines from aborted fetuses? As soon as the credit transaction comes back “approved” we are good to go. Writing a “travel” book about the best places in southeast Asia to obtain the “services” of prostitutes (including underage victims of human trafficking)? Sure, here’s a list of interested publishers.

The poor, who lack money for things like “smart watches”, aren’t really people at all. If they were, they’d have commercial liberty. Since they don’t, they aren’t. So we can ignore them and continue as before.

After all, who I love is no one’s business, whereas who I engage in commerce with is everyone’s business, even if it offends the rational sensibility of social conscience held for the last 5,000 years, forces others to sanction the unsanctionable, or leads to offending the decency of the social order.

Anyone who disagrees will be destroyedi.e., separated from their moneyremoved from their property, position, and possessions, and sentenced to poverty, thus becoming non-human and entirely forgotten, where they can rot with the rest of the bigots while the Great Progression marches onward.

You know, “SPA SERVICES”: facial scrubs, massage, and chemical abortions

According to this Washington Post article, one Maryland abortion clinic is trying to push the heinous even further, by creating a “spa-like” environment to facilitate in removing the “stigma” from the murder of one’s own offspring.

There’s nothing like cushy bathrobes, wood flooring, and modern finishes to lull the senses into a serene calm just before doing the unthinkable.

Behind Curtain “A”, as one patron slips into a relaxing mud bath, the “guest” behind Curtain “B” takes a potently-toxic combination of FDA-regulated pharmaceuticals to expel the nacent life within her.

In modern moral relativist terms, the women behind the two curtains are basically doing the same thing. After all, the spa is all about pampering yourself and nothing more. The only “consequence” is found on next month’s credit card statement.

And the lady behind Curtain “B” can be sent home with plenty of time to spare before there’s any risk of spilling blood or tiny baby parts onto those expensive wood floors at the “spa”, because that would really stigmatize the vibe they’re trying to create.

Age of Euphemism in UK says Sex between 13-year-olds Kids is “Normal”

Our culture has surrendered to sexual deviancy. Period. There are those involved in one form of sexual sin or another who would prefer escaping judgment for whatever it is they are doing. To avoid hypocrisy, tolerance of what others choose to do is required.

For boys and men, we’re told that males are more visual than females when it comes to sex, so there is a plethora of imagery presented for consumption and gratification: commercial use of women as sex objects for the sale of products. Secondarily, pornography, which is ubiquitous and nearly inescapable. Finally, the allure of “free sex”, where males are free to be completely unaccountable, guaranteed by condoms, contraceptives, abortions, and if all else fails, simply bugging out on any parental responsibility.

For girls and women, there is the presentation that what makes one most valuable is serving as an object for sexual gratification. Hemlines get shorter, behavior gets more overt and over the top, and the belief that a girl’s availability for “free sex” will lead to some kind of “empowerment,” which is based chiefly upon the lie that everyone should prioritize sexual pleasure, and so long as a woman can attain what pleases her in bed, she will be happy and fulfilled.

Which brings us to where we are: In the United Kingdom, educators are being instructed to consider sexual activity among 13-year-olds as normal, and also that kissing and masturbation among 9-year-olds is okay too. This, btw, is at the urging of pro-abortion groups (I wonder why).

Suppose that a group of Catholic priests publicly held this view. Does anyone doubt that Satan, always most capable when he plays the fence, wouldn’t coax out cries of “We wonder why!” from the seculars?

In opening up the possibility of greater tolerance, given as consideration for non-judgment of one’s own activities, there are greater opportunities to destroy the very small pockets of innocence left in our culture. For some reason, innocence must be obliterated. Why?

Now that the Age of Euphemism openly posits that a 13-year-old is capable of giving consent for sex, how long will it be before consent is possible not just with another 13-year-old, but with anyone of any age?

We Missed World Vasectomy Day? Oh well, Maybe Next Year…..

Really, this is a thing, and this year it was the Second Annual World Vasectomy Day. And, you’ve got to love the embedded spin in the headline: “Thousands of men step up on World Vasectomy Day“, as though there’s anything remotely virtuous about getting oneself fixed. Secular culture says: “You want to be responsible and share your part of the birth control burden? Get fixed! Be a ‘hero’!”

Because non-alcoholic beer is just as good as real beer. And tofurkey is just as yummy as turkey. And EggBeaters, margarine, Bakon, Krab, cubic zirconia, pyrite, and that dumb Golden Retriever app on your phone are all the same as the real thing.

Oh, and says one guy who underwent the procedure, “There’s this whole stigma… It’s hard to put your finger on what it is…” I’m pretty sure I can help you out with that. It’s your conscience saying getting a vasectomy (even for nonsensical consequentialist reasons) is a stupid sinful thing to do.

Be a man.” And, “Be a man.

Sloth, Greed, and Avarice on Offer *Outside*, Nevermind the Store

For the annual post-Thanksgiving gluttonyfest known as “Black Friday”, and it is truly black indeed for the craven souls who worship at Mammon’s altar on this high unholy day, there are already shoppers camping outside a Best Buy store here in California, who will have waited 22 days before November 28, in order to be “first in line” for “deals” on….. who knows? They don’t know what’s for sale and how good the deals are because the promotion fliers haven’t even been printed yet! In other words, they don’t even know what they’re waiting in line to purchase. Make no mistake: this isn’t a bread line. It isn’t even a line for a thing. It’s a line where people partake in a lie, and not a particularly good one, i.e., getting a “deal” is really important and will fulfill that which is empty.

“’Some people say we’re crazy,’… adding that such comments don’t bother her in the least.”

Not crazy. Sad.

More Ridiculousity from Washington National Cathedral

Back in February, I posted about the various events and activities (as opposed to liturgies and sacraments) that are being offered at the Washington National Cathedral (an Episcopal cathedral). It seems that the Beltway Episcopalians have missed the message that all this progressing is leading to a massive attrition of attendance at their “ordinary” events (read, Sunday services).

New things, exciting things, are being explored. Things like skateboarding and paper airplane competitions and seminars glorifying things that are contrary to God’s plan for human sexuality. Now there will be a new “function” to the Cathedral space: prayers by Muslims to Allah, facing Mecca.

Lately, I’ve been trying to be more sensitive to the fact that Jesus is in the Tabernacle in our (Catholic) churches, and we owe him a certain reverence and decorum while entering or leaving the church, a sacred space. That means that I try to “get out the door” before striking up a chat after Mass with Bill Parishioner, rather than standing in the aisle just 20 feet from the altar to loudly discuss buying a raffle ticket or some other banal thing (relatively speaking, everything is banal next to the Eucharist). Even a single person in the pew who remains there after Mass to pray deserves our consideration, because the church exists for that above everything else.

Where there is true belief in — and reverence for — the sacred, things like paper airplane competitions and making space for irreconcilable alternative forms of worship simply do not occur.