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14768069492_581f144c67_oIt’s been a busy few weeks/months. Lots and lots of work. And then a whole array of new church activities. I pray for you, the readers of this blog, and I hope that you have all received many blessings, joys and consolations from Our Lord. Anyway, I’ve got enough time to provide some of the links I’ve been meaning to share here:

Much more to follow in coming weeks and months, as soon as time permits! Hopefully your Easter Season was fruitful, and may you receive many graces from the upcoming Feast of the Most Holy Trinity!


Lying: Another Tragedy for Abortion

At this point, we have no idea whether the series of videos created by the Center for Medical Progress depicting horrific crimes against humanity will take hold of the American public and effect real, positive, meaningful change in the area of respecting the dignity of the human person.

The videos are gruesome. I haven’t seen them all. I have to build up the courage to watch. I’m at least three behind. The people in the videos have sold their souls. They are in the grip of the Evil One. What occurs in these houses of death is nothing less than Diabolical.

And yet, what could topple the whole effort and send the Pro-Life movement back a full generation is the very thing that generated such damning evidence in the first place: LYING.

Lying. Lying is the thing that, from a legal (and arguably moral) standpoint, renders evidence the fruit of the poisonous tree. A witness who testifies in court swears an oath, frequently with his hand upon a Bible. A witness who can be proven to have lied while under oath, is guilty of a felonious crime — perjury. A person who lies violates the Eighth Commandment of God, and (assuming the lie concerns grave matter)  also commits a mortal sin, which entirely ruptures his communion with God.

In other words, lying is a BIG DEAL, such that a failure in honesty is a failure in Christian virtue. We are obliged not to lie. There are a number of good earnest discussions concerning the nuances and approaches to the Catholic framework regarding honesty, but using consequentialism (roughly, the ends justify the means) to justify lying is not a convincing justification for it. We cannot rationally claim that intending to stop one moral evil justifies the commission of another moral evil, because that is simply not Catholic teaching.

There is no greater consequence to lying than the damage it causes in connection with our communion with God, and susceptibility to evil, but lying also frequently carries the burden of serious “real world” effects, and this is where it becomes tragic for the fight against abortion.

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 5.54.06 PMRecently Congress sent a letter to Planned Parenthood. It requested information concerning Planned Parenthood’s activities with respect to the sale of fetal tissue. Today Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards signed Planned Parenthood’s Response, which devotes four of ten of the substantive pages of the letter to detailing the activities of David Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress.

I’m not going to assume that any of Planned Parenthood’s claims about Mr. Daleiden or CMP have merit, which I do assume are distorted like the rest of the letter. But based upon what we know (from far more reliable sources than Planned Parenthood), the video footage obtained by the Center for Medical Progress was obtained by lying, which makes the moral high ground a fairly amorphous place. Because of lying, Planned Parenthood (with as straight a face as it can must) now asks Congress for sympathy, because it has been made a victim:

I respectfully ask that you put yourselves in our place. Imagine if a group of individuals tried for several years to secretly film your offices, obtaining fraudulent identification to gain access to restricted areas, creating a fictitious company to deceive your staff, and misleading the IRS in an application for nonprofit status. Imagine if they released selectively edited videos of excerpted and manipulated conversations involving your staff aimed at creating the worst impression possible. And imagine if they edited the videos so context was lost, exculpatory statements were omitted, and statements were stitched together out of sequence to create a fraudulent impression.

That’s exactly what has happened to Planned Parenthood. And in our case, four congressional committees have launched investigations into our conduct – and none are investigating the person behind this fraud.

This is a problem. Every time we share these videos or tell our friends and family about them, we tacitly excuse the fact that deceit produced them. And I’m not sure I can do that.

In Case You’ve Been Hiding Under a Rock…..

Planned Parenthood must be reeling over the “investigative videos” from the Center for Medical Progress that show two of their abortionist admins engaged in the trade of human body parts. If you could stream closed-circuit video from the security cameras of Hell itself,  you’d likely find a lot of stuff less depraved that this.

But for the record, by posting this I do not condone or accept the dishonesty involved in procuring this footage. Lying has consequences, even when it is employed to achieve certain laudable ends. Only time will tell the consequences here, but you can bet that Planned Parenthood won’t let it be forgotten; in fact, it’s the only defense they have. A fruit of the poisonous tree.

Regarding truth-telling, the Eighth Commandments forbids “bearing false witness”. Speaking affirmatively, we as Catholics are called to bear witness to the Truth, and the Church teaches that “In Jesus Christ, the whole of God’s truth has been made manifest. ‘Full of grace and truth,’ he came as the ‘light of the world,’ he is the Truth.” (CCC 2466).

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 2.02.24 PM

You know, “SPA SERVICES”: facial scrubs, massage, and chemical abortions

According to this Washington Post article, one Maryland abortion clinic is trying to push the heinous even further, by creating a “spa-like” environment to facilitate in removing the “stigma” from the murder of one’s own offspring.

There’s nothing like cushy bathrobes, wood flooring, and modern finishes to lull the senses into a serene calm just before doing the unthinkable.

Behind Curtain “A”, as one patron slips into a relaxing mud bath, the “guest” behind Curtain “B” takes a potently-toxic combination of FDA-regulated pharmaceuticals to expel the nacent life within her.

In modern moral relativist terms, the women behind the two curtains are basically doing the same thing. After all, the spa is all about pampering yourself and nothing more. The only “consequence” is found on next month’s credit card statement.

And the lady behind Curtain “B” can be sent home with plenty of time to spare before there’s any risk of spilling blood or tiny baby parts onto those expensive wood floors at the “spa”, because that would really stigmatize the vibe they’re trying to create.

Walk for Life West Coast 2015

Good morning! Got up at 6:00 am. Mass at 7:00. Aboard bus at 8:00 or so. There’s a little bit of fog blanketing the ground this morning. A parishioner made homemade doughnuts for everyone on the buses for breakfast. I’m sitting next to two-year-old daughter for this leg; she got covered in sugar and cinnamon (from doughnut), but luckily, got most of it brushed off her.

Lots of good friends and loved ones aboard this bus!


11:00am: Crossing Bay Bridge


Noon: Civic Center Plaza is beginning to fill up!


1:00pm: Waiting for Walk to start.


1:30pm: Walk starts.


3:00pm: at Ferry Terminal





Wow, there might have been two dozen “counter-demonstrators” out along the route. The effort to mobilize the pro-aborts was reeeeaaaallllllly successful. One fellow creatively making use of the middle finger, some tired signs and a couple of angry megaphonists. That about sums up them up.





Abortion is murder. One of the counter-demonstrators (sadly, I didn’t get a picture) held a sign that said “Kill all babies / save the world.” That’s someone who knows what abortion is, and glories in its legality. If only “pro-choice” leaders were so honest.

Headed back on the bus. A great day. We are upon a slow, inexorable march to end this holocaust.

Walk for Life West Coast 2015 is Tomorrow!

WFL_original-logoThis is a great event that needs your support. Please pray for an end to abortion tomorrow, and please also consider attending the Walk if you can get to San Francisco. A lot of nearby parishes charter buses to carry down a load of people, and there are always last minute cancellations. Call you parish and see what they’re doing!

Walk for Life West Coast 2015…..

…..is less than 2 weeks from now, on Saturday, January 24. Visit the Walk for Life West Coast websiteWFL_original-logo for information on the schedule, events, and ways to get involved.

Call your local parish and find out what they’re doing. Our *small* parish has a very able team of volunteers who organize the trip. This year, our parish is chartering *four* motor coaches to provide transportation to San Francisco. I just got word a day or so ago that we will have a couple of special guests — not from our parish — joining us for the Walk.

Walk for Life is now in its 11th year, and began with fewer than 10,000 participants. Our family first participated in 2011 (I think), once we returned to Northern California from Chicago, and we’ve made this an annual tradition ever since. Each year, attendance grows substantially. Last year, there were easily 50,000 people on the Walk, but (expert people counter that I am) I wouldn’t be surprised if the actual number exceeded 60,000, which is pretty amazing, considering that it’s totally “grass roots” that gets the thing going.

You may get “heckled” while walking down Market Street. Last year, there were rumors that a “counter-demonstration” would be present, but at least from what I saw, the number of “counter-demonstrators” barely tipped double digits in terms of numbers. Usually there are a handful of angry, pierced, tattooed, and otherwise addled folks holding offensive signs and shouting terrible things.

Nevertheless: take your children. Do you want your kids to be pro-life? Nothing will open their eyes more to the misery of “choice” than being a part of something where their friends, family and pastors peacefully pray together for an end to the injustice and cruelty of abortion, while a handful of people (the majority of whom are middle-aged men) hurl slurs from the sidewalk. Walk for Life answers the assumption that everyone is “okay” with abortion.

Abortion is evil. Kids are keen observers. They’ll quickly understand — and never forget — the kind of person who defends abortion on the streets of San Francisco. Plenty of people (especially in the media and politics) do a good job slapping lipstick on the pig of abortion rights. Walk for Life will give your kids a good whiff of the true “smell of the sheep” of pro-aborts. Even if Planned Parenthood stencils flowers into its corporate masthead, your kids will forever make the connection that Big Death fears.

The SFPD officers (who as individuals they may not all be in agreement with the cause, although I suspect some, many, most do agree with us), always act professionally and courteously and do a lot to make the walkers feel welcome and safe. There are plenty of officers keeping watch along the entire route.

Meanwhile, you and your family will be standing shoulder-to-shoulder with 50,000 members of the Church Militant (united with an untold company of the Church Triumphant) in an entirely peaceful assembly, praying the rosary, singing hymns, and recognizing that yes, even hecklers are blessed with human dignity by Almighty God, and need prayer.

I hope that you will prayerfully consider participating this year, especially if you have never done so before.

Stay-at-Home Moms (and ostensibly, Stay-at-Home Dads [like me]):

According to our President, we made the wrong choice. From the Weekly Standard:

During a speech in Rhode Island today [10/31], President Obama called for more taxpayer-spending on pre-school in order to “make sure that women are full and equal participants in our economy” and said the following: “Sometimes, someone, usually mom, leaves the workplace to stay home with the kids, which then leaves her earning a lower wage for the rest of her life as a result. And that’s not a choice we want Americans to make.”

Between this and his previous comments regarding not wanting one of his daughters to be  “punished with a baby“, President Obama’s priorities are clear: babies are punishment, child-raising is unduly burdensome, and families who make sacrifices to look after one another are a drag. How can we “have it all” with all these ungrateful urchins everywhere?

So that we can all “realize our full potential” (i.e., earn more money), women should stop trying to be moms and just be content with being hosts for their offspring during the nine months in utero, but after birth the babies should be turned over to a qualified government “child development center” which will from that point on take over all the actual work of parenting.

Once child-raising is taken over by the government, all we’ll need after completely dismantling the family structure is to establish “senior care centers” so that robots can change our diapers until it’s our turn to be euthanized. It’ll be more dignified that way.

In our advanced technological age, we should be free of all that is menial, everything  messy, murky, oopy and goopy (family stuff!), and be able to really focus on what really matters: ourselves.

After all, who needs a family when you have Big Brother?

Election Day Approaches: Help for the Pro-Life Voter

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 2.33.55 PMLast night, I received a call from someone taking a poll for the upcoming election. I couldn’t answer who I was going to vote for, even though I know a few of the candidates who won’t be receiving my vote.

I vote my conscience, which means that I don’t vote for candidates who are not fully pro-life, no matter the other “good things” about the candidate, and if a race is composed of two pro-choice candidates, I frequently abstain (or write in) from voting in that contest.

Here in California, a voter interested in learning which candidates are pro-life can visit the California Pro-Life Council’s 2014 General Election Voter Guide (the state chapter of National Right to Life; you can look for your state’s chapter by going here). The guide indicates the respective candidate’s position on elective abortion, parental notification, and euthanasia. It doesn’t answer every question, but it’s a good start.

Heartbreaking: Mum Plans to Tell Her Disabled Son…..

…..I wanted to abort you, but missed the chance. She says she hates to say it “out loud,” but that’s what she and her husband “would have wanted.” And they sued the British National Health System, alleging that they feel they were not given the “full picture” regarding the extent of the little boy’s disabilities. Had they been given the “full picture,” little Dylan would be dead.

Human life is sacred and inviolable. We are not all called to sacrifice in the same ways when it comes to our children and families, but there are always crosses to bear, no matter the situation. Perhaps we might all do a little penance, or pray a rosary, as reparation for such callous disregard for the gift bestowed upon such self-absorbed people. Here they’ve been given an international platform to raise awareness for their son’s condition, and instead they use the limelight to lament their “lost opportunity,” which should signify to the rest of us that the greatest disability Dylan has is his parents.