I bless and approve Star Trek V a thousand times more than this…..

….effort to destroy a most beloved American cultural treasure. Star Trek with Gene Roddenberry at the helm was perennially hilarious, campy and fun, but it was also intellectual and philosophical. It cannot be completely forgiven that Star Trek was always highly decadent, but without it and the cultural media cravings of the 1960s and 1980s, Star Trek arguably never would have come to exist in the first place.

The best parts of Trek were never the expensive “space battle” scenes with all the special effects. (* see below). No, the best parts were human. Kirk’s brilliant acumen for survival. Spock’s fountain of wisdom. McCoy’s wit as salve on dramatic moments. And their relationship with each other.

None of that survives here. It’s all just contextual for explaining what character performs what action. The actors themselves could be CGI, because they’re mere additional cast members on the roster of virtual superheroes. A franchise such as Star Trek cannot be treated purely as a vehicle for brand expansion and revenue. The result is a rendering of farcical nonsense.

* That’s Star Wars. I like Star Wars too, and it has its place. Specifically, forever at #2, directly beneath Star Trek (pre J.J. Abrams et al.).


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