Benedict XVI Testifies in Favor of John Paul I Beatification

This article, from the Italian outfit, has been sitting as a page on my browser for several weeks, because I’ve been meaning to share what is another historic first from Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI:

Benedict XVI has testified in the proceedings for the beatification of Pope John Paul I… No pope has ever before testified for the beatification of another…

Sadly, John Paul I is greatly overlooked and oft forgotten, due to the short duration of his pontificate — just 33 days — and due to the “rock star” quality of his immediate successor, whose own pontificate was one of the longest in Church history. Only Pius IX and St. Peter himself steered the Barque longer than JPII.

John Paul I was the first in the history of the Church to introduce the innovation of the double papal name, and the fact that Karol Wojtyla chose, rather than his own distinct papal name, to become JPII could be taken as a sign of Wojtyla’s testimony on the subject of JPI’s sanctity.

John Paul I, Albino Luciani, pray for us!


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