A Special Prayer Intention for the Nativity of St. John the Baptist

14783420723_1300a7f49b_oBefore he was born, the parents of my godson (not yet a year old, born with a chromosomal abnormality), perhaps by special graces, selected St. John the Baptist as his patron in baptism. The Baptist has the distinction of having TWO solemnities each year. Today is the solemnity of his nativity, a fitting day to ask you to pray for this wee boy.

Recently, it was determined by medical professionals that our little John indeed has some limitation with his hearing, but that (with fairly minimal intervention) this limitation can be treated and improved! Praise God! Please keep praying for him and his parents!

Last night, while praying the office for the vigil of this solemnity, I was struck by the words of an ancient 8th-century hymn composed by Venerable Bede:

John, still unborn, yet gave aright
His witness to the coming light;
And Christ, the sun of all the earth,
Fulfilled that witness at his birth.

Of woman-born shall never be
A greater prophet than was he,
Whose mighty deeds exalt his fame
To greater than a prophet’s name.

I wonder if there is something particular about having the Forerunner as the patron of a boy with special needs. The Baptist is “witness to the coming light,” who shines faintly (as a reflection) of the Sun. He demonstrates our human dignity which, encumbered by original sin, is not yet in its fully resplendent glory. He is “flawed”, yet never was a greater prophet than he.

St. John the Baptist, pray for us!



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