Wealthy Ain’t Automatically Classy (or Smart) and Class Warfare in China

Son of a Chinese real estate tycoon buys two Apple Watches (total value, $26,000) for his dog. The dog is shown in the article wearing a watch on each of his two forelegs. 

Let’s skip the obvious. Bigger issues:

First, it can hardly be said that China is communist. It isn’t. Private ownership is hallmark number one of a non-communist system. China has a single-party controlled government that is totalitarian. It can control who gets what and who does what. But it clearly is tolerating a semi-free market, which demands incentive and reward for investment. 

Second, China is already in the midst of class warfare. Apple products are Chinese-made goods, and while China is most recently a serious consumer of these goods in its own right, there are fewer such consumers than in the U.S., despite China’s vastly larger overall population. So a few can buy everything, some can buy something, but many (most?) can buy nothing. China is in the market because “few” is still a lot of people when total population is one billion.

Third, in addition to Coke products, fast food, designer labels (not the garments themselves though) and Napa wine, we’re also importing an unsavory cultural attitude to the East: avarice.

Pay attention. This clash between Western attitudes about consumerism and the burgeoning groundswell of Christianity is going to be fireworks soon.


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