Our Visit to the Poor Clares on Divine Mercy Sunday

On Divine Mercy Sunday, we drove up the winding roads of Los Altos Hills to visit the Monastery of the Poor Clare Colettines, a discalced community of nuns, where the members of the order are “cloistered”, that is, they do not interact with outside visitors, except under limited circumstances. The grounds are secluded and harmonious with the surroundings, and even reminded me a bit of Assisi.

They operate a small gift shop, where items handcrafted by the Sisters are available for an at will donation that goes to support the Monastery. It seems the most popular items are cards and books, but there are also rosaries and framed religious art.

The Sisters sang the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, and later, Vespers. There were a handful of people, along with the Sisters, “behind the veil”. I recorded some of the Chaplet on my phone, because it was absolutely beautiful:

Following the Chaplet but before Vespers, there was Eucharistic Benediction and a brief talk by Fr. Vito Perrone, who it seems visits fairly regularly and thanked the Sisters for their prayers and support. During his talk, Fr. Perrone referred to a “new appointment” by Archbishop Cordileone, which he discussed as though they were already “in the know” about it.

On our way out, we introduced ourselves to Fr. Perrone, but I thought it impertinent to inquire about the appointment he referred to when speaking with the Sisters, although given how friendly and affable he was, I’m sure he wouldn’t have minded sharing his news. Then I read this earlier this week and understood.


Apparently, in addition to his other duties as part of a newly-formed religious order (The Contemplatives of St. Joseph) operating in the Bay Area, Fr. Perrone has also been made the Chaplain of the Star of the Sea School, which will no doubt be welcome relief for the beleaguered Fr. Joseph Illo. Please pray for him and that whole situation, although it is encouraging to see that many have rallied behind the Parish in support.

Fr. Perrone relies upon the Sisters for their prayers. This is good because they are powerful prayer warriors. If you leave them a prayer request, you receive lovely mailings, including things like this:



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