You know, “SPA SERVICES”: facial scrubs, massage, and chemical abortions

According to this Washington Post article, one Maryland abortion clinic is trying to push the heinous even further, by creating a “spa-like” environment to facilitate in removing the “stigma” from the murder of one’s own offspring.

There’s nothing like cushy bathrobes, wood flooring, and modern finishes to lull the senses into a serene calm just before doing the unthinkable.

Behind Curtain “A”, as one patron slips into a relaxing mud bath, the “guest” behind Curtain “B” takes a potently-toxic combination of FDA-regulated pharmaceuticals to expel the nacent life within her.

In modern moral relativist terms, the women behind the two curtains are basically doing the same thing. After all, the spa is all about pampering yourself and nothing more. The only “consequence” is found on next month’s credit card statement.

And the lady behind Curtain “B” can be sent home with plenty of time to spare before there’s any risk of spilling blood or tiny baby parts onto those expensive wood floors at the “spa”, because that would really stigmatize the vibe they’re trying to create.


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