St. Joseph: Patron Saint for Dads

14559691119_b68d69dbf8_oSt. Joseph’s adopted fatherhood of Our Lord is near mystery in itself, miraculous. He is a universal model of fatherhood. And he’s the guy for us dads.

Consider, in St. Joseph, the theological virtues. He has FAITH. He trusts in God, hears His voice. He listens. He has HOPE because St. Joseph is not troubled by troubling news. He gives thought and consideration to what he learns, but he does not despair in them. He follows. All the while, St. Joseph LOVES. He loves his family. He desires their highest and best good.

Consider also, that St. Joseph is perfectly CHASTE, at all times, in all ways, beyond all normal expectation. He is TEMPERATE. He does not give way to rash judgment. He is the very image of CHARITY, in that what he does is for the good of his wife and son. He lives the Golden Rule.

14723320066_eed36e551a_oSt. Joseph’s DILIGENCE is found in his respect for the laws of Caesar, and his determination to do the will of God. And his work. He works to provide for his family. He shows us dads that all honest work has dignity.

PATIENCE. I laugh. Imagine Jesus for a son and Mary for a wife! OF COURSE HE WAS PATIENT!

Was St. Joseph KIND? He was righteous (Matt 1:19), but he was “unwilling” to expose Mary to shame. Yes, Scripture shows us that he was KIND even when he might have felt wounded.

And finally, St. Joseph’s HUMILITY. Just as any true human father should be, St. Joseph allows himself to be completely eclipsed by the Goodness that surrounds him. He is in the midst of God Incarnate and His Mother, so there can be little doubt that St. Joseph was the kind, loving, devoted, and dedicated father that God intended him to be, without any of the earthly rewards claimed by the rest of us dads.

He was simply the perfect human father and greatest dad.

Happy St. Joseph’s Day.



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