Denmark: First to Legalize; after less than 50 years: Catastrophic Disaster

This article in the Guardian (before following the link you should be aware that it contains a picture at the top of the article that is NSFW) almost defies belief.

Denmark was the first country in the world to legalize pornography (in 1967). A recent study indicates that in Scandinavia, 99% of boys and 86% of girls have viewed pornographic films by the time they’re 16 years old. Mandatory sex education has been the law in Denmark since 1970, and in some schools already includes a pornography component.

Prof. Christian Graugaard of Aalborg University in Denmark suggested on public television that pornography should be shown in the classroom in Danish schools. This, he claims, is preferable to sex education classes that are “boring and technical.” Of young Danish teens, Prof. Graugaard says that “They should become conscientious and critical consumers.”

We are in trouble.


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