Weekend Report & Prayer Requests

It was a great weekend. We enjoyed nice warm weather for the season, sunny skies, and had some (brief) opportunities to rest and pray!

The freezer door, teeming with bacon

The freezer door, teeming with bacon

On Friday evening, we had a “family date night”, frozen cheese pizza, etc. and a movie, which was fun. Earlier in the day went to the butcher to pick up our pig. It’s always a special day when the freezer is once again fully stocked with a pig’s worth of pork, even if, being that it was a Friday in Lent, we had to wait until Saturday morning “family breakfast” to sample the bacon and sausage.

On Saturday I brewed 10 gallons of The Oliphaunt. I’m refining the recipe just a bit. I wanted to increase flavor and body just a few degrees, so I upped the Roasted Malt and Flaked Oats by 4 ounces. Also, this batch will ferment with good ole’ “Chico Strain” rather than the “British Ale” from Wyeast, because that’s what I had on hand. Now that I’ve got my beer gas and stout faucet, I’ll be trying to keep a stout or porter on hand most of the time.

On Saturday evening, I cooked a “Hogmen’s Pie” (i.e., Shepherd’s Pie, but instead of lamb [=Shepherd’s] I used ground pork from the pig). There is still some of the first batch of The Oliphaunt from Christmas, which paired well with the pie. Fr. A ate three heaping helpings and we managed to drop off some for Mrs Q’s mother who was sick with a cold (pray for her!).

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 6.18.08 PMThen we had our “men’s group” monthly gathering, with the requisite whisky, pipes and cigars. This month we discussed the first half of Benson’s Lord of the World, which, as you should know by now, Pope Francis has mentioned on two separate occasions during interviews. There was a bit about Carroll’s 1917; Fr. A and I recently finished it and are both excited to discuss it. We’re hoping the rest of the group will read it for an upcoming meeting.

Sunday was Mass, followed by RCIA, followed by a couple of EMHC visits. Then, in the afternoon, we took a drive so I could submit two beer entries in the National Homebrew Competition. Last year I did not do very well. One of my entries earned a Bronze, but it was a dark time in brewing for me; if you recall, I was having trouble with some kegs.

Since it is still Lent, and during Lent we are called to prayer, fasting and almsgiving, perhaps you could help me in the prayer department? It’s for a personal intention. Something has started for me, and it will take years — years — for it to reach any kind of endpoint. It is not the kind of the thing that I have any kind of real control over; my prayer is to get out of the way and let His will be done. At some point in the future I may be able to share a bit more about it.

God bless you!


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