Fr. Rosica v. Vox Cantoris: Foretelling or Totally Random?

I have no idea. But I think you should know about it.

A Canadian Catholic blogger who operates the blog Vox Cantoris has been a rather outspoken critic of Vatican spokesman and fellow Canadian Fr. Thomas Rosica. In particular, VC hasn’t pulled any punches in connection with Rosica’s comments concerning the Synod on the Family. VC’s rhetoric is somewhat, er, strident. Fr. Rosica retained counsel who wrote a threatening letter. Read the letter here. In one word: “Wow.” Not just any (parish) priest, but a rather powerful one, threatening litigation against a Catholic layman for criticizing the priest’s public statements. I’m not a Canadian lawyer, but I think there are some (legal) problems with the positions taken in the letter. I also think (not entirely knowing the merits of Rosica’s claims) that regardless of whether Fr. Rosica has the sanction of Fr. Lombardi (and Pope Francis), this was a truly unwise tactical move that is going to backfire. I smell fish. Once the light hits it, the stink will be incredible.


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