ISIS: Hastening an Apocalyptic Crusade

14596847758_43d9ebdee9_oA change in tone is already underway in the reporting of news about ISIS in the MSM. To date, ISIS’ religious fanaticism is something that the secular West has deliberately tried not to understand.

The Islamic State sees itself as hastening the Apocalypse. But responding to the gravamen of ISIS’ claims would legitimize what the West simply cannot abide: the Supernatural. And so, we continue to hear the same warmed over stuff about how this is all just crazy ideology, which carries with it a tinge of intellectual chauvinism that will serve to chasten us severely, unless we repent.

We Catholics who know a bit of history should be less than surprised, and we should not resist the possibility that this is part of an ultimate confrontation, or, a penultimate one.  While the MSM continues to try to pretend it doesn’t know how evil works, in fact, the religious underpinnings of this situation cannot be ignored or dismissed.

Just today, the latest news indicates that ISIS in Libya has taken several dozen more Egyptians hostage. And in Iraq, they burned 45 people alive in recent days. These things are inexplicable — horrifying — but the degree of complacence that continues to abound is equally unimaginable.

ISIS plans to use Libya as a staging point for entry into Europe, disguising members as they enter continental Europe as migrants. In terms of membership, resources, and territory, ISIS is growing, especially in Libya and Egypt. The shores of Libya are only 109 miles from the island of Lampedusa (Italy), 300 miles from Sicily, and Italy is scared; they have less than 5,000 deployable troops.

The conflict, to use ISIS’ rhetoric, is against ROME.  

ISIS has rather brazenly announced its intentions; why? Because, ISIS knows that the West fears death, and evil delights in fear. We are degraded and impotent — a vision to inspire holy martyrs who are victorious regardless of whether they live or die.

As we quake, they are empowered to usher in the kingdom which already awaits them in Eternity, because ISIS’ behavior indicates confidence: since the field is deep, there is nothing to lose. There is safety in numbers. The horde assembles.


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