(British) NHS administers contraceptive implants to girls as young as 10

The British National Health Service can be observed as a beacon for what we might have to expect in future days under our own socialized health system here in the United States.

According to this article in the UK paper, The Telegraph, “in the last 5 years, almost 10,000 slow-acting implants have been placed in girls below the age of consent…. Implants were given to 56 girls aged 12 or younger, with 281 cases involving girls of 13, the figures show. More than 3,000 cases involved girls of 14, with 6,000 implants given to 15-year-olds, disclosures from 61 of 160 NHS trusts show.”

Girls as young as 10 have received contraceptive implants in the UK, “despite the fact the implants have never been tested on under-18s.”

This practice is justified, at least in part, by suggesting that the cases involving exceedingly young girls are for those who are particularly vulnerable — due to mental impairment, for example — or at risk for sexual exploitation.

But how does a contraceptive implant reduce the risk of sexual exploitation? It seems that rather than taking steps to safeguard against the exploitation of girls, what really matters to the NHS is avoiding the consequences of the exploitation, which has the potential for actually exacerbating the exploitation problem itself.


2 thoughts on “(British) NHS administers contraceptive implants to girls as young as 10

  1. As a UK citizen I know that the NHS doesn’t always like to be told what to do by religion. Secondary school sexual education, for example, involves NHS staff coming in and announcing “always use condoms” – they even tried to give my class one each when we were 13. Christianity sometimes gets a brief mention if you’re lucky.

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