Walk for Life West Coast 2015

Good morning! Got up at 6:00 am. Mass at 7:00. Aboard bus at 8:00 or so. There’s a little bit of fog blanketing the ground this morning. A parishioner made homemade doughnuts for everyone on the buses for breakfast. I’m sitting next to two-year-old daughter for this leg; she got covered in sugar and cinnamon (from doughnut), but luckily, got most of it brushed off her.

Lots of good friends and loved ones aboard this bus!


11:00am: Crossing Bay Bridge


Noon: Civic Center Plaza is beginning to fill up!


1:00pm: Waiting for Walk to start.


1:30pm: Walk starts.


3:00pm: at Ferry Terminal





Wow, there might have been two dozen “counter-demonstrators” out along the route. The effort to mobilize the pro-aborts was reeeeaaaallllllly successful. One fellow creatively making use of the middle finger, some tired signs and a couple of angry megaphonists. That about sums up them up.





Abortion is murder. One of the counter-demonstrators (sadly, I didn’t get a picture) held a sign that said “Kill all babies / save the world.” That’s someone who knows what abortion is, and glories in its legality. If only “pro-choice” leaders were so honest.

Headed back on the bus. A great day. We are upon a slow, inexorable march to end this holocaust.


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