Some pressing prayer intentions:

– For our godson (just a few months old, born with a chromosomal deletion; he’s very small) who went to the pediatrician and tested positive for RSV. Praying a hospital admission is averted. And for said godson’s father who interviews for a job tomorrow.

– For the grandmother of a family with whom we are very close, recently diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer that has metastasized.

– For the repose of the soul of our brother-in-law’s cousin, who recently died while still a young man to an extended illness.

– For our two youngest kids, sick this week with normal crud.

– For anyone suffering depression, anxiety, or despair, that they be comforted by the saving mercy of our Lord.

– For a safe and fruitful Walk for Life 2015 in San Francisco this Saturday.

– For conversion of hearts, and the reconciliation to the Church of several close loved ones.

– For two personal intentions.

Will you please pray?


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