Walk for Life West Coast 2015…..

…..is less than 2 weeks from now, on Saturday, January 24. Visit the Walk for Life West Coast websiteWFL_original-logo for information on the schedule, events, and ways to get involved.

Call your local parish and find out what they’re doing. Our *small* parish has a very able team of volunteers who organize the trip. This year, our parish is chartering *four* motor coaches to provide transportation to San Francisco. I just got word a day or so ago that we will have a couple of special guests — not from our parish — joining us for the Walk.

Walk for Life is now in its 11th year, and began with fewer than 10,000 participants. Our family first participated in 2011 (I think), once we returned to Northern California from Chicago, and we’ve made this an annual tradition ever since. Each year, attendance grows substantially. Last year, there were easily 50,000 people on the Walk, but (expert people counter that I am) I wouldn’t be surprised if the actual number exceeded 60,000, which is pretty amazing, considering that it’s totally “grass roots” that gets the thing going.

You may get “heckled” while walking down Market Street. Last year, there were rumors that a “counter-demonstration” would be present, but at least from what I saw, the number of “counter-demonstrators” barely tipped double digits in terms of numbers. Usually there are a handful of angry, pierced, tattooed, and otherwise addled folks holding offensive signs and shouting terrible things.

Nevertheless: take your children. Do you want your kids to be pro-life? Nothing will open their eyes more to the misery of “choice” than being a part of something where their friends, family and pastors peacefully pray together for an end to the injustice and cruelty of abortion, while a handful of people (the majority of whom are middle-aged men) hurl slurs from the sidewalk. Walk for Life answers the assumption that everyone is “okay” with abortion.

Abortion is evil. Kids are keen observers. They’ll quickly understand — and never forget — the kind of person who defends abortion on the streets of San Francisco. Plenty of people (especially in the media and politics) do a good job slapping lipstick on the pig of abortion rights. Walk for Life will give your kids a good whiff of the true “smell of the sheep” of pro-aborts. Even if Planned Parenthood stencils flowers into its corporate masthead, your kids will forever make the connection that Big Death fears.

The SFPD officers (who as individuals they may not all be in agreement with the cause, although I suspect some, many, most do agree with us), always act professionally and courteously and do a lot to make the walkers feel welcome and safe. There are plenty of officers keeping watch along the entire route.

Meanwhile, you and your family will be standing shoulder-to-shoulder with 50,000 members of the Church Militant (united with an untold company of the Church Triumphant) in an entirely peaceful assembly, praying the rosary, singing hymns, and recognizing that yes, even hecklers are blessed with human dignity by Almighty God, and need prayer.

I hope that you will prayerfully consider participating this year, especially if you have never done so before.


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