Fast Food: So Corrupted, it appears Incorruptible

Considering what it is (i.e., garbage), fast food generally tastes pretty good. And I confess that I have eaten fast food, and fed it to my children, far too much, usually because of the convenience/laziness factor.

Preparing meals takes time, energy, and (sadly) money. It’s really unfortunate that fast food is made in the cheapest way possible, and thus, the cheapness is passed on to the consumer (as sort of a euphemized “benefit”).

Dining out used to be a “treat” because it was inevitably more expensive than shopping for healthy groceries. Recent increases in food prices have nearly eliminated savings at the supermarket, to the point that someone could argue that prepared meals and fast food are more affordable than buying whole foods and doing the cooking. That’s shameful, especially when you consider that fast food can sit on a counter for years and still appear edible. Rather than rotting, it simply mummifies, and no bug or bacteria will touch it.

If a roach won’t eat something, it’s a pretty good sign you shouldn’t either.


2 thoughts on “Fast Food: So Corrupted, it appears Incorruptible

  1. Hello QM, this post is a let-down after the beatific vision of Assisi food pics. 😦
    “Local Man Returns from Food Heaven; Finds Himself in Food Hell”
    Please post an update of your travels!

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