Another Beer Thing I Cannot Do Without

In the Liturgy of the Hours, for Ordinary Time, there is a hymn (tune, Wych Cross) that I particularly enjoy called “O Father Whose Creating Hand”. The third stanza:

O Spirit, your revealing light
Has led our questing souls aright;
Source of our science, you have taught 
The marvels human minds have wrought, 
So that the barren deserts yield
the bounty by your love revealed.

Here is a (beer) marvel that the human mind has wrought.

When at home, I am blessed to have my own homemade “kegerator” that can dispense up to four different kegs of beer at once. Over the years, I’ve filled my share of beer bottles and glass growlers, and whenever we travel, “roughing it” means being at the mercy of our environs for decent beer. Sometimes we land upon a paradisiacal oasis. Sometimes we arrive at a beer desert.

I’ve cogitated over the ways that one might transport a keg for, say, a camping trip. The big problem with a whole 5-gallon keg is that there’s no easy way to keep it upright and chilled while you travel. You also have to figure out a solution for maintaining pressure. And, unless you have enough people (or a long enough trip), you’re going to have to slog beer back after less than optimal storage conditions, possibly resulting in waste, which is the cardinal sin in my beer catechism.

The “coolness factor” of this new thing cooked up by the people at “GrowlerWerks” is totally off the charts, and it seems a bunch of people agree with me, because the goal for this Kickstarter campaign was $75,000, and they’ve been funded with over $1.5 million.

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 3.00.47 PM

This pressurized growler could revolutionize the craft brewing market. Conventional growlers are cumbersome. Most are made from glass (which means they can break), and as soon as you break one open, you need to finish the beer pretty quickly, or it will go flat. Most growlers are a half gallon in size, which means you need to be a pretty big drinker (or have a friend) to get through four pints all at once. Most places that fill growlers will require that you use one of “their” growlers, that is, the ones that they sell, with their logo on the side.

Now that this Kickstarter is going to become a reality, I’d advise the GrowlerWerks people to work to work on getting every possible craft brewer on board with amending their rules to permit these to be filled instead. As a brewer, I’d give up my “ad op” for wider adoption of using these growlers to sell beer. Perhaps there is a dongle that could be attached, or a decal or something, identifying that the brewer has “adopted” the pressurized growler.

It would keep the beer away from light, oxygen, and preserve the carbonation. It suddenly becomes more convenient and provides better quality whilst saving the waste of cardboard, cans and bottles.

These pressurized growlers are will be available in 1/2 and 1 gallon sizes, which means you could potentially have one pint of draft beer from your favorite brewer each night of the week before needing to refill it. For myself, I’d just start making 11 or 12 gallon batches (instead of 10) and put the surplus gallons in one of these kegs to extend my brewing efforts a little further.


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