Outcomes for Children Raised in Same-Sex Households

In short, this is an area for further study, but current findings suggest that claims regarding positive outcomes for children raised in same-sex households are misstated, overstated, or generally, not on par with outcomes for children raised in conventional families.

Children have a right to a father and a mother. When we intentionally deprive a person of his or her natural rights, this deprivation constitutes an inherent disruption in the person’s life. We can take steps to ameliorate, mitigate or minimize the damage, but there is no complete “fix” to supplanting a mother or a father, even with two, three, four, or five loving “parents”.

Intentionally depriving a child of a mother and father is selfish and evil. Misleading about the potential harm of such an act compounds and amplifies the selfishness and evil, because it beckons society further astray to satisfy one’s own desires.

Children aren’t chattel. No one has a right to a child.


2 thoughts on “Outcomes for Children Raised in Same-Sex Households

  1. The studies you cited from the first article show various generalizations about mothers and fathers. Many people claim that a child deserves a mother and father and has a right to them without explaining why. “Natural law” does not explain that. You seem to target same-sex parents solely through their infertility as a couple and don’t address abusive spouses and eventual divorces because of it. That is an intentional deprivation of a mother/father figure, and by your logic, selfish. If you are looking towards sociological/anthropological effects, why aren’t extended family able to provide for the generalizations listed in the articles? The child would have male/female figures in their lives regardless if the parents were same-sex couples, and siingle parents.

    • Natural law completely explains why children have a right to mother and a father, to wit, children do not exist unless a father’s sperm is used to fertilize a mother’s egg. Your claim that “‘natural law’ does not explain that” is nonsensical. It’s like saying that a house doesn’t sit upon land.

      I’m not “targeting” anyone; rather, I am pointing out that children do not naturally come from same-sex relationships. Intentionally bringing children into such a situation is wrong. If you were a regular reader of this blog, you’d know that I’ve stated multiple times how same-sex marriage is only a further progression of social/family problems brought on by permissive attitudes that stem from acceptance of no-fault divorce and artificial contraception.

      As for abusive spouses and divorce, we agree, those are selfish things too, in one way or another.

      Extended family members can certainly offset *some* harm that results from deprivation of a mother or father, but the existence of such a network is far from guaranteed in the lives of many so-called “same-sex households”. But my point was that (even granting your premise) these substitutions are rarely, if ever, capable of fully mitigating the harm experienced by a child.

      Having a male/female figure in one’s life is not something that can be equated with having a mother and father who came together in marriage to become one flesh and are now united in raising their offspring together.

      The fact that you seem to be earnestly arguing otherwise suggests either complete ignorance on your part, or artifice.

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