“i don’t belong in church”

Today, in scanning the stats for this blog, I noticed a search string:

idontbel“i don’t belong in church”

Someone typed “i don’t belong in church” into a search engine, scrolled through the links, and landed here. What the person who typed it actually meant, we don’t know. Another thing we don’t know is whether anything the person read here or at any other Catholic blog was edifying or helpful.

What we do know is that a person “said” this. In the context of Internet as a “social” medium or “communication” tool, someone uttered this statement into the ether and peered at the crystal-lit glow for some kind of response.

I want you to know that if you uttered “i don’t belong in church” aloud so I could hear it, this is what I’d say:

You belong in church; it is your home! The Church’s entire existence is tied up in the fact that she heals the wounds of sin, wounds that afflict all of us, meaning that we all are completely dependent on her gracious mercy. There is no “lesser” or “greater” person to Christ; he had you (and me!) in mind when he gave us his Church, so that you (and I!) might be free. What does it mean to be free? It means that not even sin makes you (and me!) an unworthy participant; Christ has already paid our entry fee!

I would say that no matter what, you belong in church! And, I’m praying that you go! May God bless you!


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