Adventures in Pork: HamRelocation

Now that we have FOUR whole salt-cured “prosciutto” hams to age for the next 12-18 months, and another two expected in the next couple of months, I have run into some capacity issues. In the past, I’ve referred to my CureBrewzer, which is a freezer to which I’ve added a temperature controller, a fan, and some materials for regulating the humidity.

FullSizeRender-1But the CureBrewzer won’t hold four hams, and with the weather changing and getting more wet (Deo Gratias) I am having some issues with moisture in the box anyway.

Part of the Brewhouse is lined in cedar, and there are two closets. I have a dream to convert one of the cedar-lined closets into a curing/food storage area, which I figure could be achieved by installing a “window” A/C unit and maybe amping up the insulation, etc. But that’s a little ways off, and I still need somewhere to hang these hams for the time being.

It turns out that during this time of year, the climate in the Brewhouse is pretty good for hanging. My little digital thermometer/hygrometer is reading temps around 50F, and 60-70% humidity. As long as the humidity doesn’t go above 70% (below 65% is optimal), things are good. At least until Spring.


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