Age of Euphemism in UK says Sex between 13-year-olds Kids is “Normal”

Our culture has surrendered to sexual deviancy. Period. There are those involved in one form of sexual sin or another who would prefer escaping judgment for whatever it is they are doing. To avoid hypocrisy, tolerance of what others choose to do is required.

For boys and men, we’re told that males are more visual than females when it comes to sex, so there is a plethora of imagery presented for consumption and gratification: commercial use of women as sex objects for the sale of products. Secondarily, pornography, which is ubiquitous and nearly inescapable. Finally, the allure of “free sex”, where males are free to be completely unaccountable, guaranteed by condoms, contraceptives, abortions, and if all else fails, simply bugging out on any parental responsibility.

For girls and women, there is the presentation that what makes one most valuable is serving as an object for sexual gratification. Hemlines get shorter, behavior gets more overt and over the top, and the belief that a girl’s availability for “free sex” will lead to some kind of “empowerment,” which is based chiefly upon the lie that everyone should prioritize sexual pleasure, and so long as a woman can attain what pleases her in bed, she will be happy and fulfilled.

Which brings us to where we are: In the United Kingdom, educators are being instructed to consider sexual activity among 13-year-olds as normal, and also that kissing and masturbation among 9-year-olds is okay too. This, btw, is at the urging of pro-abortion groups (I wonder why).

Suppose that a group of Catholic priests publicly held this view. Does anyone doubt that Satan, always most capable when he plays the fence, wouldn’t coax out cries of “We wonder why!” from the seculars?

In opening up the possibility of greater tolerance, given as consideration for non-judgment of one’s own activities, there are greater opportunities to destroy the very small pockets of innocence left in our culture. For some reason, innocence must be obliterated. Why?

Now that the Age of Euphemism openly posits that a 13-year-old is capable of giving consent for sex, how long will it be before consent is possible not just with another 13-year-old, but with anyone of any age?


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