We Missed World Vasectomy Day? Oh well, Maybe Next Year…..

Really, this is a thing, and this year it was the Second Annual World Vasectomy Day. And, you’ve got to love the embedded spin in the headline: “Thousands of men step up on World Vasectomy Day“, as though there’s anything remotely virtuous about getting oneself fixed. Secular culture says: “You want to be responsible and share your part of the birth control burden? Get fixed! Be a ‘hero’!”

Because non-alcoholic beer is just as good as real beer. And tofurkey is just as yummy as turkey. And EggBeaters, margarine, Bakon, Krab, cubic zirconia, pyrite, and that dumb Golden Retriever app on your phone are all the same as the real thing.

Oh, and says one guy who underwent the procedure, “There’s this whole stigma… It’s hard to put your finger on what it is…” I’m pretty sure I can help you out with that. It’s your conscience saying getting a vasectomy (even for nonsensical consequentialist reasons) is a stupid sinful thing to do.

Be a man.” And, “Be a man.


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