Stay-at-Home Moms (and ostensibly, Stay-at-Home Dads [like me]):

According to our President, we made the wrong choice. From the Weekly Standard:

During a speech in Rhode Island today [10/31], President Obama called for more taxpayer-spending on pre-school in order to “make sure that women are full and equal participants in our economy” and said the following: “Sometimes, someone, usually mom, leaves the workplace to stay home with the kids, which then leaves her earning a lower wage for the rest of her life as a result. And that’s not a choice we want Americans to make.”

Between this and his previous comments regarding not wanting one of his daughters to be  “punished with a baby“, President Obama’s priorities are clear: babies are punishment, child-raising is unduly burdensome, and families who make sacrifices to look after one another are a drag. How can we “have it all” with all these ungrateful urchins everywhere?

So that we can all “realize our full potential” (i.e., earn more money), women should stop trying to be moms and just be content with being hosts for their offspring during the nine months in utero, but after birth the babies should be turned over to a qualified government “child development center” which will from that point on take over all the actual work of parenting.

Once child-raising is taken over by the government, all we’ll need after completely dismantling the family structure is to establish “senior care centers” so that robots can change our diapers until it’s our turn to be euthanized. It’ll be more dignified that way.

In our advanced technological age, we should be free of all that is menial, everything  messy, murky, oopy and goopy (family stuff!), and be able to really focus on what really matters: ourselves.

After all, who needs a family when you have Big Brother?


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