Just Wash Your Beneficial Filter Regularly

14580824410_3d53705259_o5 lesser-known benefits of having a beard“. As opposed to the 5 better-known benefits of having a beard:

1. Beards cover up an ugly face. More beard, less ugly.

2. Beards keep your face warm. For guys who worry about facial temperature.

3. For the most part, beards resolve any ambiguity regarding your gender. If that’s an issue.

4. Even more than a Chia Pet, beards are fun to grow. Beards are like a small farm project on your face. Are you an immaculately-hoed-row kind of farmer, or more of an “English garden” type?

5. Beards confer an air of wisdom. Otherwise, you have to be well read and intelligent.

14745013796_8ab55d04ce_oAnd, bonus for guys who brew beer and have beards:

Wild yeast.


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