Ignore Every Article Regarding the Conclusion of the Synod…..

Instead, read this. Pray and breathe some more, but let some of your prayers be prayers of thanksgiving.


See what prayer and steady breathing can accomplish?!?

The Bishops are making their voices heard at the Synod on the Family. That midway Relatio is going to need to be substantially rewritten, they say. And, the English version apparently suffers from some “problems in translation.”

Keep breathing and keep praying.

Equal Time

As I wrote this rant yesterday, which (at least according to today’s news) brought about fairly sharp rebukes from those who actually cherish religious freedom and their First Amendment rights, it occurred to me that it’s fairly surprising that this story could come from Texas.

I imagine that these days most urban centers lean to the left, but I guess I naively believed that even cities in Texas bleed red, with the exception of Austin. One would have thought that rather than Houston, issuing subpoenas to pastors would have come from (oh, I don’t know) San Francisco, or Washington, D.C. 

The Heartland is fading, I suppose.

Anyway, in the spirit of “equal time”, and to help some Texans and Houstonians who may be feeling a little bit embarrassed right now, I give you this disturbing little nugget:

Gov. Jerry Brown just signed a law requiring that California health care providers be trained to better understand the specific health needs of the LGBT community.

The law is meant to target inequities in medical treatment for LGBT patients who, according to the San Francisco Examiner, suffer from a lack of provider understanding of gay and transgendered health issues.

Laws like this have nothing whatever to do with delivering quality health care. These laws are ideological. In places like California, it is getting more and more difficult for Pro-Life and Traditional Marriage supporters to enter professions.

Houston’s Mayor and Her So-Called “Bathroom Bill”…..

…..Must be marinating in the stench of bovine feces, for trying to flush out and publicly shame Christian pastors. Suggest anyone who wishes to address the Mayor and City Council stand at the back wall of the chamber to avoid the noxious odors. Or better yet, wear a gas mask.

14801535173_f06e3cb5e0_oHouston’s new “non-discrimination” law provides, inter alia, that it’s discriminatory for men to be required to use the men’s restroom and for women to be required to use the women’s restroom at public places.

Opponents of the law filed a lawsuit against the city. The city, ostensibly at the direction of its mayor, issued subpoenas to a few of the pastors of the 400 area churches involved in a coalition opposed to the law (but who are not parties to the litigation), demanding copies of “any sermons dealing with homosexuality, gender identity or Annise Parker, the city’s first openly lesbian mayor.”

Because only Christian haters are guilty of bullying and intolerance.

Cardinal Walter Kasper

His is a name that might be familiar, especially if you are paying attention to the Synod of Bishops in progress, or follow Vatican politics.

Anyway, the Cardinal was interviewed by Zenit:

ZENIT: It has been said that he added five special rapporteurs on Friday to help the general rapporteur, Cardinal Peter Erdo. Is that because he’s trying to push things through according to his wishes?
Cardinal Kasper: I do not see this going on in the Pope’s head. But I think the majority of these five people are open people who want to go on with this. The problem, as well, is that there are different problems of different continents and different cultures. Africa is totally different from the West. Also Asian and Muslim countries, they’re very different, especially about gays. You can’t speak about this with Africans and people of Muslim countries. It’s not possible. It’s a taboo. For us, we say we ought not to discriminate, we don’t want to discriminate in certain respects.
ZENIT: But are African participants listened to in this regard?
Cardinal Kasper: No, the majority of them [who hold these views won’t speak about them].
ZENIT: They’re not listened to?
Cardinal Kasper: In Africa of course [their views are listened to], where it’s a taboo.
ZENIT: What has changed for you, regarding the methodology of this synod?
Cardinal Kasper: I think in the end there must be a general line in the Church, general criteria, but then the questions of Africa we cannot solve. There must be space also for the local bishops’ conferences to solve their problems but I’d say with Africa it’s impossible [for us to solve]. But they should not tell us too much what we have to do.

The interview ends with the Cardinal saying “We live in a globalized world and you cannot govern everything from the Curia. There must be a common faith, a common discipline but a different application.” [Just not so “globalized” that it includes African and Asia.]. Read the rest here.

My Favorite Literary Antagonist…..

14765271163_da71e3321f_o…..Hands down, is Captain Nemo from Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. I’ll tell anyone who will listen that I aspire to have my very own submarine so I can park on the ocean floor where I can sit quietly, enjoy a sandwich in peace and air conditioning, and remain entirely undetected (by humans). For the stay-at-home, homeschooling father of four, there aren’t many (any) places in the world that are quite as enticing as a submarine. Naturally the kids would likely stow away and so then it’d be just like it is now except then I’d have no fantasy escape plan. So I’ll just keep my billion dollars in the bank for the time being.

But going somewhere on this list would be super fun.


Concerned about the Current Synod on Families?

You’re in good company. Read this. Pray. Maybe even fast a little. Go to the Sacraments. Confession. Mass. Breathe. This isn’t about doctrine. This is about pastoral approach.

“Thou art Peter, and upon this Rock I will build my Church, and the gates of Hell will not prevail against it.”