Houston’s Mayor and Her So-Called “Bathroom Bill”…..

…..Must be marinating in the stench of bovine feces, for trying to flush out and publicly shame Christian pastors. Suggest anyone who wishes to address the Mayor and City Council stand at the back wall of the chamber to avoid the noxious odors. Or better yet, wear a gas mask.

14801535173_f06e3cb5e0_oHouston’s new “non-discrimination” law provides, inter alia, that it’s discriminatory for men to be required to use the men’s restroom and for women to be required to use the women’s restroom at public places.

Opponents of the law filed a lawsuit against the city. The city, ostensibly at the direction of its mayor, issued subpoenas to a few of the pastors of the 400 area churches involved in a coalition opposed to the law (but who are not parties to the litigation), demanding copies of “any sermons dealing with homosexuality, gender identity or Annise Parker, the city’s first openly lesbian mayor.”

Because only Christian haters are guilty of bullying and intolerance.


2 thoughts on “Houston’s Mayor and Her So-Called “Bathroom Bill”…..

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  2. I’m a native Texan who now lives in a state with one of these heinous “bathroom bills” and sometimes when I go to a women’s public restroom there will be a man in there. These men are never dressed in women’s clothing or helping young kids…they are usually pony-tailed hippy types men dressed like men, just hanging out, usually clicking away on an iphone.

    It’s obvious these hippy men are just hanging out in the ladies’s room because they CAN (thanks to this states bathroom bill which merely requires that a man “feel like a woman” in his mind in order to use the bathroom). I just leave and find a different bathroom, because if I file a complaint I can be charged with GLBT hate crime. I am not exaggerating…it is illegal in this state to complain about a man in a women’s restroom. It’s literally against the law to be “mean” to cross-dressing perverts, and the pervs get to decide what “mean” is. Sexually deviant men’s feelings trump women’s safety by law, and I hate it.

    Also, how do I know that guy isn’t in there recording on his iphone so he can post pee p*** on the internet? I don’t, but if I am nervous about such things I have “no right” to feel that way — however I have every right to “feel” I am a man and barge into the men’s room, but that doesn’t appeal to me cause I’m not mentally ill bathroom pervert like most male trannies are. It’s a miserable law and I hope the good people of Houston do everything they can to stop it before women in Texas have to share bathrooms with perverted hippy men and mentally ill transsexuals or be sanctioned by the state for being a “bigot” too.

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