Heartbreaking: Mum Plans to Tell Her Disabled Son…..

…..I wanted to abort you, but missed the chance. She says she hates to say it “out loud,” but that’s what she and her husband “would have wanted.” And they sued the British National Health System, alleging that they feel they were not given the “full picture” regarding the extent of the little boy’s disabilities. Had they been given the “full picture,” little Dylan would be dead.

Human life is sacred and inviolable. We are not all called to sacrifice in the same ways when it comes to our children and families, but there are always crosses to bear, no matter the situation. Perhaps we might all do a little penance, or pray a rosary, as reparation for such callous disregard for the gift bestowed upon such self-absorbed people. Here they’ve been given an international platform to raise awareness for their son’s condition, and instead they use the limelight to lament their “lost opportunity,” which should signify to the rest of us that the greatest disability Dylan has is his parents.


2 thoughts on “Heartbreaking: Mum Plans to Tell Her Disabled Son…..

  1. Dear QM,

    I think that you wrote something nice about crying room, some time ago…..I really liked it.
    But now, the title above “Mum Plans to Tell Her Disabled Son…..”, does not seem to match the content of the article; in point: “…but that’s what she and her husband “would have wanted.” … And they sued the British National Health System…”.

    Why your title accuses the mom, while few lines below, you state that both the father and the mother wanted to kill the baby.

    In most cases, the father is the killer of his unborn child….. he either takes off, or just threatens his wife with death or starvation . A woman once is impregnated, can not and should not be the provider for the child. That child has a father who procreated him. The mother has enough of a job to carry his child in her belly, may times, without being asked if she agrees or not.

    • Thanks for your comment. The reason I titled my blog post the way I did is that the linked article quoted the mother as the one who was awaiting the inevitable conversation in which she would tell the son that *they* would have chosen to abort him if they knew at 20 weeks what they knew after he was born. The husband (they are married and have a healthy 3-year-old daughter, who they also said they would have aborted if prenatal testing revealed the same type of disability as the boy) is also morally culpable to the very same degree. It’s amazing to me that not one but *two* (seemingly normal) people have no difficulty making public admissions about their regret at not having killed their offspring. I wouldn’t dream of singling out the mom.

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