Attention Vocation Directors: Please Don’t Let Brewmaster Sisters Disappear!

Source: Flickr; Author: USOX; under creative commons license

Source: Flickr; Author: USOX; under creative commons license

From an article in The Atlantic:

Sister Doris Engelhard begins most days with mandatory choral prayer at 5:30 a.m., along with the other Franciscan sisters of Mallersdorf Abbey in Germany. But on Sundays she is excused, and instead rises at 3 a.m. to craft beer—nearly 80,000 gallons annually.

For 45 years, Sister Doris, 65, has dedicated her life to God and beer. She is now the last nun in Europe who is an active brewmaster, but she was not always alone in her profession.

Read the rest here. Sister Doris loves to brew beer, she loves the smell and the work, and she believes that beer is a very healthy drink. I love her daily intake recommendations: “Sister Doris, for her part, believes it is beneficial for men to drink 1.5 liters, and for women to drink three-fourths of a liter, per day. She herself enjoys a daily pint.”

We need more Brewmaster Sisters, and Brothers! Vocation directors, point out these opportunities to young aspirants! There’s a wide array of wines, spirits, beers, cheese, preserved foods and baked goods to be made in our religious houses. It’s sad that someone like Sister Doris might not have a replacement, so that her more than 45 years of experience in brewing never gets passed on to another generation. Preserve Catholic culture and tradition! Keep the sisters brewing!


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