Regarding my Prior Prayer Intention…..

Posted here, and updated here: mom asks readers of this blog to please continue your prayers.

After some “good news” test results ruling out the most common potential things that may be going on with our little godson, yesterday mom and dad received a piece of dreaded “bad news”; the results from one of the genetic tests shows a chromosomal abnormality — a deletion of some genes on the first chromosome — that may lead to some health issues, physical problems, and possibly mental impairment.

They are being referred to a geneticist and some other specialists for more work-up and to try to figure out some kind of prognosis.

So, I think everyone still very much needs your prayers, especially for relief from anxiety and worry about the future. Right now he’s just a little baby, doing regular baby stuff (praise God!). Perhaps one thing to pray for is a simple miracle that as he grows, his development isn’t tremendously affected by the genetic issue. And also please pray that as they (prudently, because they do need to learn as much as they can) try to investigate what may await them in the future, God provides comfort and assurance, peace and joy. Because one thing that is certain is that this little guy is a blessing.


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