The Age of Euphemism Victimizes the word “Responsible”…..

…..and the Antithesis of Manhood claims a new exemplar, demonstrating why Western society is in total decay.

Dr. David Bell is from Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health and is the lead author of a research study recently printed in the “journal” Contraception. He is also the medical director for the Young Men’s Clinic, part of New York Presbyterian Hospital’s Family Planning Clinic.

He states in the article linked above that a “responsible” male sexual partner is one who buys “emergency contraception for their partner” if (or when) “the condom breaks.”

But Dr. Bell complains that even though “Plan B” — the “morning-after pill” — is available for purchase by “any person of any age… without a prescription at U.S. drugstores,” sometimes “men” aren’t permitted to buy it when they go to the pharmacy alone. Sometimes the pharmacy requires a “man” to “bring either a female or her ID with him” before the pharmacy will sell Plan B.

“People should make sure they aren’t putting up additional barriers that prevent men from taking a responsible role within the relationship, Bell said.”

Because, there’s nothing more responsible than paying for the means to kill your own offspring, right?

To test out Dr. Bell’s claims, Reuters sent out young male “mystery shoppers” throughout New York City to see if they could score some Plan B without a female (or her ID) on hand, and were successful at 128 of 158 pharmacies visited. This is important:

Most of the people working at the pharmacies did give the mystery shoppers accurate information about the medication’s effectiveness. One worker incorrectly told a shopper that the medication would cause an abortion.

More euphemism. The claim that Plan B does not “cause” an abortion is premised upon selective definition. Plan B works by preventing implantation of a fertilized embryo (i.e., unborn baby; individual member of the human race) in the uterus. Since abortion involves the removal of an embryo (or fetus) already implanted, it is a technical distinction to claim that Plan B does not cause an “abortion”. All the same, it extinguishes a newly-formed human life. It’s an unborn baby killer.

So, instead of stating that Plan B causes an abortion, it would be more correct to simply state: “This will kill your unborn baby.”

I’m getting tired of the Age of Euphemism highjacking all the words in the dictionary. It is not remotely responsible to aid and abet your casual sexual partner in the termination of your own offspring; it is a shameful perversion of the beauty of human relationships.

If this is “Public Health”, I want know what Public Sickness looks like. Wait, no I don’t.


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