Thank you for the Prayers…..

My wife and I were privileged to greet our new godson last week, who, despite being born “full term”, is rather small. Despite his smallness, he’s a rather handsome guy! He received the Sacrament of Baptism on Sunday, and throughout the liturgy he was serene and observant.

Possibly it can all be attributed to an overly cautious pediatrician, but between his smallness and a couple of other indicators, he and Mom remained at the hospital a little longer than usual, and a full battery of blood tests were ordered to determine if he has any chromosomal or developmental abnormalities.

So far, the news is hopeful that he is normal, and just on the small side. All of the test results haven’t turned up anything yet. Given his father’s propensity for enjoying good food (shared by older brother, 2 years old), I imagine that this little guy is already on his way to bulking up.

I think Mom and Dad are still waiting to hear back from the doctor regarding a few more tests, so if you could please continue to pray for him and the whole family, I would be grateful. They are all very dear people to us.


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