Shroud of Turin: Experts to Discuss in St. Louis in October

Turin_shroud_negative-positiveThis article at the Christian Post reports that there will be a gathering of international experts to discuss the most recent discoveries relating to the Shroud of Turin. I believe that is authentic. To prove that it’s a forgery, please make another one.

And, from, consider:

It does not appear that the Vilnius artist had a copy of the photo of the Shroud of Turin taken in 1931, the same year Saint Faustina was granted her vision and the mission associated with it. His need continually to alter the countenance on the painting because of the visionary’s disapproval of his attempts would attest to that. How, then, could an image, completed in 1934 after repeated alterations to the face, have features that matched so well those of “the man of the shroud of Turin,” found on a burial cloth now known to be at least two thousand years old?


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