Name Withheld (To Protect the Innocent)

By “innocent”, I mean the fellow’s wife and kids; they are dear people.

I’m not sure there’s enough “back story” to explain this. Some friends of ours recently came over for dinner. The kids are in the front room being quiet and the adults are still in the dining room having coffee, when the conversation (for my own sanity I’m going to have to reconstruct a road map to find the wrong turn) shifts to a discussion about movies.

Husband is very enthused about the Rocky movies (never seen one, but some actor [not Rocky] in the movie apparently has the “ultimate male physique”, whatever that means), Predator (seen only parts), and then gets all worked up about how awesome Brad Pitt’s character was in “Legends of the Fall”. I gag a little and upbraid him for his flagrant violation of the social order (i.e., mentioning Brad Pitt, and even worse, recalling him in that movie).

Then, this morning, he sends me this:

BradPittI abuse him a little more, telling him that I plan to shame him on this blog, and he doubles down by sending me another Brad Pitt picture from that movie, and says:

“He died fighting a bear.”

To which I reply:

“He’s wearing extensions.”

His response:

“They are Glorious.”

Wonders never cease.


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