Inaugural Vintage 2014 yields 3 Bottles!

A couple of weeks ago I posted on the recent 2014 Vintage harvest from our Syrah vineyard, which we crushed and fermented into wine. A few days ago, I checked the progress of the fer20140815_130644_Androidmenter and decided it was time to remove the muslin bag containing the “must” — seeds and skins — from the crushed grapes, squeeze out all of the liquid, and transfer the wine to another container for aging.

I tasted it, and it is definitely wine. In other words, it fermented; it contains alcohol. I am not accustomed to tasting 10-day old wine directly from the fermenter so I’m unsure about the quality of the final product (my experience is with beer, which does need a certain amount of time to be ready to drink, but generally not the 6 months of more that it takes with wine; in other words, I’m usually pretty comfortable [based upon experience] with tasting beer from the fermenter and predicting whether the beer will be good upon kegging and carbonation, but have no such comfort with this wine project).

At the moment, the wine is very sharp, very tannic, without any smoothness at all (secondary to the newness of the wine?), and there remains a slight yeast flavor, which I attribute to the fact that the yeast hasn’t even fully cleared out of the wine (it is still very cloudy, and more of the sediment needs to drop out). I think it will be drinkable, but perhaps only *I* will deign to drink it. We’ll see.

I think we’ll have three whole 750ml bottles of wine from this vintage. I moved the glass aging container to the Curebrewzer, where it will “cellar” at 60/60 for 8 or 9 months, at least, before it is bottled.


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