Remember the Harvard “Black Mass” Stunt? The one planned in Oklahoma is WORSE

Because a consecrated host will (purportedly) be used.

This is happening under the guise that it is just a form of protected First Amendment expression. But, outside of the obvious (hate speech, blasphemy, sacrilege, profanation), take note that this “expression” is made possible by theft and dishonesty. They have no compunction about that. They say that they don’t believe in God (or the Devil) either, that Satanism merely symbolizes individualism. Could that be a lie, too?


7 thoughts on “Remember the Harvard “Black Mass” Stunt? The one planned in Oklahoma is WORSE

    • Okay, I might agree (in a way) that ignoring them is better. But I’m not giving them any power; however talking about it might be adding to their notoriety (not the same thing).

      But, let me ask you this, would you have the same advice for someone who witnessed the Roman guards placing the crown of thorns on the head of Our Lord?

      • No, but I feel that a physical assault is quite different than the event this group wants to have. I agree that it is disrespectful for them to be holding this event, but unfortunately, we have to put up with certain people and groups who choose to be insensitive toward others’ beliefs. Though they deny it, people like them crave attention. They like to stir the pot because they didn’t get their rebelliousness out of their systems when they were teenagers. Sure, there have been dangerous people who claim to be Satanists, but most of them are just hipsters who want to feel edgy.

      • Fair enough, but you’ve missed the point. In using a consecrated host for the “black mass”, there will be a physical assault.

      • Yes, I wasn’t seeing it the way you were. It is an assault on your religion, but they will not be physically harming anyone. I don’t want to be insensitive though, so I’m sorry for sounding like that.

      • I didn’t take it as insensitive. We are just looking at it differently. Catholics believe that the Eucharist is the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ. Desecrating the Eucharist isn’t just an assault on our religion, but rather, an assault on Jesus. Whether the assault “lands any punches” is a secondary issue; (and this is purely my opinion now:) a profanation of Jesus has less to do with harming Him than it does with what happens to our souls by the attempt (the Devil knows this; our souls are his prize; the loss of souls in communion with Christ causes Jesus to suffer).

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