Only Living Things can swim against the Current

…..Whereas something that is dead will flow along with the mainstream. In Sweden, you had better be dead, and comply:

The program overtly seeks to “change attitudes” by trying to combat discrimination and promote equal opportunity for the LGBT community. This includes removing books from the shelves of public libraries that favor specific gender roles, amending stationery in businesses to include gender neutral language, and restricting the vocabulary used by employees in their routine interactions with customers and clients to be more inclusive.

Sollentuna Library District, the first municipal library to be HBT certified, explains that undertaking the program meant “[developing] a new way to communicate with [their] visitors.” For example, staff will no longer ask children to get their “mother or father” to sign a library card since there are “children with two mothers or two fathers.” Moreover, when someone inquires for a book about love, staff should not assume that the inquirer wants to read about heterosexual love.


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