First Friday: Missed Adoration and Benediction

By the time I arrived, the church was empty and dark. Of course, Jesus is present in the Tabernacle. But I found my prayers a bit distracted by the silence. It seems, I am out of practice at relishing the absence of sound. I wonder why. I could even hear the clock that hangs over the door to the vestibule ticking, it was so quiet.

2014-08-01 14.49.48

Increase your zeal. Read the signs of the times. Look for him who is outside time, the eternal one, the unseen, who became visible for us; he cannot be touched and cannot suffer, yet he became subject to suffering and endured so much for our sake. – St. Ignatius of Antioch to Polycarp (1, 1-4, 3: Funk 1, 247-249).


2 thoughts on “First Friday: Missed Adoration and Benediction

    • Lord, grant Jenny complete recovery and full healing. Please give her your assurance that you are with her no matter what she endures. Draw her close to you. Amen.

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