The “Family Chapel” Project

littleoratoryOn Mrs. Q’s nightstand at the moment is a book entitled The Little Oratory: A Beginner’s Guide to Praying in the Home, by David Clayton and Leila Marie Lawler. I haven’t cracked this one open yet, but she’s been talking about it a lot, and recently we began the process of converting our “library” or “office” into a “chapel”, which will still double as the library, because there’s really nowhere else in the house for the books to go.

The boys (very enthusiastically) helped rearrange the furniture to accommodate an “altar” — a cabinet with a rectangular piece of cement backer board on top to make the table (about 48″ tall, which is actually a nice height because the Littles can’t reach it very easily) covered in a linen and a handwoven runner from Guatemala. We have some little saint statues on there, a St. Benedict crucifix from the Hermanas in Guatemala, as well as some candles. There is also a crucifix hanging over the center of wall behind the altar, and an icon or two.

A work in progress.

But presently there is no good seating, and thus it is not a very functional space….. yet.

My wife has a bedroom set that belonged to her father when he was a boy — antique furniture. But the bed and frame is only a double, and rather rickety (not safe for our ginormous children), so it’s been gathering dust in the closet. My wife knows a couple who “re-purpose” old furniture to make something new. She learned that this couple make benches out of old headboards and footboards. The picture below is the drop-off, the “before”, because they are to be made not into benches, but into pews for our chapel. They are even going to add a kneeler to the back of at least one of the pews, for kneeling. 




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