Day 8: There was once this sheep…..

There was once this sheep,
a friendly French sheep, was he. 
When he bleated his greeting,
“Amoeba!” was his plea. 
But all was well 
     (apart from the smell)
            (Did you say ewe?)
For joy in the Lord,
and thanks for His Word were key. 

[N.B.: In case you don’t know, the water in Guatemala, and anything the water touches, is not safe. It’s a major problem because many people are chronically infected with dangerous parasites. It’s treatable, but without an alternate water source, recurrence is likely; in fact, recurrence is guaranteed. Clean potable water is a blessing. Give thanks for it! Many in the world lack such fundamental things to healthy living, not to mention access to adequate treatment for the parasites living in the water source.]


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