Day 6: Sunday Mass with the Hermanas

This morning, our mission group piled into two vans for a 45-minute ride to travel around Lake Atitlan and further up into the mountains. It was a most special privilege to visit the Hermanas Missionarias de la Eucharistica. Having a priest in one’s mission group “opens doors”. Along the way:


The foundress built this monastery in the 1970s, and died from cancer in 2000.


This is a most lovely community in a most beautiful place. Following Mass, the sisters would not permit us to leave without offering us their hospitality: coffee, baked goods, fruit. And thousands of smiles.


There are fifty sisters here. They now have satellite missions to the north and south. They work in this community, serving the people here. They also operate a home for abandoned elderly women. Since the opening of this home, 28 women have left this world in peace under their care.


Jesus pours out His abundant graces upon this place. Fr. A asked them to pray for a special project that I am involved in along with a couple of other missionaries in this group, relating to China (more on that at some point).

Pray for these sisters. They bring Jesus with them.


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