Pope Francis: He Likes BEER (That’s it for Me)

Catholics (and non-Catholics) of certain camps like to air their complaints in public regarding Pope Francis. He’s too Progressive. He’s too Conservative. He’s not “Pro-Life enough”. He’s a Socialist. He’s trying to suppress Summorum. It’s Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Vatican Edition, and he’s never just right.

Blah. Blah. Blah. That’s the nature of complaining. Complainers gotta complain.

Here’s what really matters: the Bavarian President comes to visit the Pope. He brings a basket of gifts including delicacies from the region. The President points out some of the things in the basket that he suspects the Holy Father will enjoy. The Pope’s eye wanders around the corner of the basket when he catches a glimpse of his heart’s desire: is that beer? A joyful (albeit playful) smile spreads across the face of Christ’s vicar upon confirmation — yes, there’s Bavarian beer inside — which grows into a grin and a delighted laugh.

Another beer drinker stands at the helm of the Barque. I am content today. We will not run aground while Pope Francis is captain.


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