Triumphant Stupidity (and Negligent Attachment)

It’s been an interesting few days, in part because of some truly special incompetence on my part.

Last Wednesday afternoon, I got the kids all lathered up with sunscreen, got them in their swim trunks, put a “Little Swimmer” diaper and swimsuit on the baby, and headed next door at the invitation of our neighbors (who are on vacation) to use their pool.

I should not own any swim shorts that include pockets. Despite remarking to myself before getting in the pool — “Self, you better remove your 6-month-old iPhone 5s from your pocket and set it there on the table next to the pool…” — I ignored (or promptly forgot) my own advice.

Really, I got distracted. Taking a baby in a pool is stressful. You have to HOLD ON! And she was excited and squirmy, and the three boys were rambunctious and LOUD!

After about ten minutes of wading in the pool (boys splashing all around) holding the baby, I think to myself, “Self, I should check my phone to see if I’ve received any messages” because I am the kind of person attached to his phone who is constantly checking it.

My hand, submerged in the pool, unconsciously moved to reach into my pocket where I normally keep my phone, meanwhile my BRAIN is still not registering the fact that my hand and pocket are submerged under water, AND it’s a serious thing that my phone is THERE (under water, in my pocket). I’m actually touching the phone in my pocket for a second or two before it finally dawns on me, THE PHONE IS IN WATER!

Climbed out of the pool, and the phone (naturally) is dead. Panic. No. Not my phone. Not my phone. Not my PHONE!

I normally take care of my stuff. Nothing I hate more than something that is broken. Nothing I hate more than breaking my own stuff.

Tossed the phone into a plastic baggie filled with the type of kitty litter (that I use to dehumidify the curebrewzer) made from dehumidifying crystals and let it sit for 48 hours. [Note: the iPhone 5s is pronounced officially “dead”]. Meanwhile, I headed to the AT&T store to replace the phone.

I’ve been loyal Apple iPhone user since the 3G, but each new model has left me just a bit less enchanted than the last. When the iPhone originally came out, the feature set was packed with stuff that couldn’t really be found in other smartphones. But now, it seems the playing field gets more competitive, and I wonder, should I look elsewhere?

Something that’s bothered me about the iPhone is its lack of expansion capabilities. $200 is a lot to spend for a new phone each year, but that will only get you the 16GB iPhone, which means that after loading my e-mail accounts and photos, and some other stuff, there’s no room for anything else, including any music, and I definitely don’t have everything I want on the device.

My new Galaxy S5 Active and my old bricked iPhone 5s

My new Galaxy S5 Active and my old bricked iPhone 5s

I picked up the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active, and so far I’m rather pleased with it. My primary concern was whether I could get it to sync with my icloud mail, calendars, etc., because I definitely wanted to keep those things and have access to them on my phone. It was really pretty simple, and there haven’t been any errors or crashes in five days of heavy use of the phone.

The battery seems about the same. The screen is bigger, brighter, and sharp with vivid colors. If it’s not a “retina display” my retinas don’t realize.

AND, I picked up a 64GB SD card to expand the phone ($34!) so now I have nearly 80GB of local storage when before I was trying to scrunch into about 14GB. That much space allows me to store over 10,000 photos, 150 albums, and the entire documents library from my computer, including all of my files from my law practice.

There’s still a learning curve involved in using the Galaxy, and you can tell that the Android OS is ever-so-slightly less polished than Apple’s iOS. Slightly glitchier, but nothing terribly inconvenient or aggravating. The main thing is that by this time, I expected to be pining for the greatness of Apple’s iOS, and missing the ease with which I could previously use my phone and all its features. That hasn’t happened. Despite my prolonged and sustained addiction, I am detoxing just fine, with very little twitching.


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