Search Strings: How’d you get here?

Certain search engines (apparently, not Google) permit the search strings entered that bring web surfers to this blog to be recorded in the WordPress stats. From time to time, a question appears that needs an answer. But this time, I thought you might be interested in seeing some of the more interesting search strings, just for fun:

fomenters of coprophagia [9 times!]

banana bread coconut oil no dairy

pasquale cati council of trent

san luigi dei francesi

dry hopping cider

southern poverty law center hate group list

photograph taken in adoration chapel at our lady of perpetual help, glenview [Lots of different variations of this one]

popeye catholic [3 times; someone knows something]

halloween is stupid

can sex ed class make you buy condoms during a field trip

padre pio better without the sun

walk for life west coast

my wife is forcing me to get a vasectomy

story about butter minecraft

salt cured prosciutto

cry room catholic church

new clairvaux wine

is basil, origano and parsley against the catholic church [ummmm, no]

is it a sin to read the hunger games? catholic [no]

dry hopping a one a gallon batch of beer with calypso hops

frontline secrets of the vatican pbs

is the brine for your turkey supposed to be nasty

That’s just a sampling of the hundreds of terms I can see, and not including any of the 7,357 I can’t see.


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